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Redcliffs seawall


Pre earthquake seawall at Redcliffs.

Beachville Road earthquake damage

23 June 2011

Seawall and damaged land, Beachville Road. Looking towards ...

Damaged seawall, Beachville Road

26 February 2011

Damage to seawall at Beachville Road, Redcliffs. Moncks Bay is ...

Moncks Bay

12 September 2006

View of Moncks Bay from Beachville Road, Redcliffs.

Sumner after the sea broke through in 1953

22 April 1958

Damage to seawall at Sumner.

Crowds on the foreshore in Sumner

8 February 1965

Crowds on the foreshore of Sumner. Cars are parked along the ...

Repairs to the seawall at Sumner

2 January 1953

Workers repairing the seawall on the Sumner foreshore.

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