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30 January 2000

View of Sumner Beach. Scarborough Hill can be seen in the ...


1900 to 1950

View of Sumner Beach.

Surfers at Scarborough

3 February 2022

Surfers at Scarborough end of Sumner Beach with the Sumner ...

Sumner at high tide

15 October 2021

This was taken at Sumner at high tide. There had been some bad ...

Sumner Esplanade

1 October 2021

A view of Sumner Beach and the Southern Alps taken from Sumner ...

Annami and Ashleigh at Sumner Beach


Annami (left) and Ashleigh have been friends as part of the IHC ...

Sumner Beach

11-15 September 2002

View of Sumner Beach looking towards Sumner Esplanade and ...

Scarborough Hill in the 1980s


"Scarborough Hill in the moonlight 1987" - Contributor's note

Sumner Beach

Circa 1940s

A view of a festival taking place on Sumner Beach looking ...

At Sumner


1 o 24 photos by FG Radcliffe in a booklet titled "Scenes from ...

A beautiful view of the sailing Dinghies in the Sumner Beach

7 October 2018

"A beautiful view of the sailing Dinghies in the Sumner Beach ...

Sumner Beach


Sumner Beach showing Cave Rock and lifeboat shed.

Family picnic, 1965


Children playing on Sumner Beach during a Rimmer and Lee family ...

Sutton family at Sumner


Siblings Phyllis, Owen, Arthur with their cousin Jack sitting in ...

Sutton family at Cave Rock


Pearl, Violet, Phyllis, Owen, Arthur and Jack Sutton beside Cave ...

Sumner Scarborough Clock Tower and beach


The Sumner Scarborough Clock Tower and beach looking towards ...

Sumner Beach


Image from a photograph album of Sumner Beach and Cave Rock.

Shag Rock, Sumner Beach, 2009

26 September 2009

Shag Rock at Sumner Beach before the earthquakes.

Beachcomber Restaurant on the Esplanade

14 January 1988

Exterior of the Beachcomber Restaurant at 25 Esplanade in Sumner ...

View of Sumner and Scarborough


View of Sumner and Scarborough.

Santa Claus on the beach

Circa 1990s

A man dressed as Santa Claus on the beach by Rapanui Shag Rock.

Damage to Sumner Sea Wall

Circa 1950s

View along the Esplanade at Sumner of damage to the sea wall ...

Stormy Seas in Sumner

2 January 1953

View of waves crashing against the pedestian walkway along the ...

Family outing at Sumner Beach

Circa 1900

A family on the beach at Sumner playing in the sand with a ...

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