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Beachcomber Restaurant on the Esplanade

14 January 1988

Exterior of the Beachcomber Restaurant at 25 Esplanade in Sumner ...

View of Sumner and Scarborough

View of Sumner and Scarborough.

Santa Claus on the beach

Circa 1990s

A man dressed as Santa Claus on the beach by Rapanui Shag Rock.

Damage to Sumner Sea Wall

Circa 1950s

View along the Esplanade at Sumner of damage to the sea wall ...

Stormy Seas in Sumner

2 January 1953

View of waves crashing against the pedestian walkway along the ...

Family outing at Sumner Beach

Circa 1900

A family on the beach at Sumner playing in the sand with a ...

Rapanui Shag Rock and Cave Rock

3 March 2011

Rapanui Shag Rock with Cave Rock in the background.

Summer fun with cousins, Cave Rock, Sumner


A group of cousins sat on Cave Rock at Sumner near the beach ...

Surfing girls rest

August 2018

A surfer next to her surfboard on Sumner beach with views across ...

Cave Rock, Sumner

August 2018

Sunset over Cave Rock looking north west along Sumner beach ...

Kathleen and Amanda at Sumner Beach


"Kathleen Henderson and daughter Amanda enjoying Sumner Beach. ...

Sumner beach

10 July 2018

A sunny winter's day at Sumner.

View over Sumner out to sea

circa 1970s

A view from by Richmond Hill over Sumner and out to sea. Evans ...

Looking from Redcliffs out to Shag Rock

circa 1970s

View from Redcliffs looking across Moncks Bay and across to Shag ...

View from Scarborough Hill of Sumner beach

circa 1980s

View from Scarborough Hill of Sumner beach and Cave Rock and on ...

View across to Southshore and New Brighton

circa 1970s

View from Sumner of Sumner Beach, Cave Rock and towards ...

On Sumner Beach

Circa 1940

"This is my father and mother on Sumner Beach just before dad ...

Donkey Rides on Sumner Beach


Grannie (on right) and Mrs. Henderson. Grannie is Marion Dickie ...

Sumner and Cave Rock

7 March 2008

View over to Cave Rock and Sumner Beach, Sumner taken from ...

Surfers at Sumner Beach

3 February 2008

A group of surfers entering the waves at Sumner beach. ...

Seagulls at Cave Rock, Sumner

6 February 2008

Edge of Cave Rock on Sumner Beach with seagulls in the ...

Sumner over to Pegasus Bay

7 March 2008

View from Nicholson Park over to Sumner, Clifton, Redcliffs and ...

Surfing lesson at Sumner

3 February 2008

A group of people entering the water at Sumner Beach as part of ...

Sumner towards New Brighton

Circa 2004

View over Sumner to Richmond Hill and New Brighton, taken from ...

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