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Shoreline in New Brighton


"Who remembers the Shoreline bunny girls?" - Contributor's note

Bedford TK cab

September 1979

Cab of a Bedford TK, taken after snowfall at Sheffield in ...

Athletics meeting at QEII Park


Athletes on the track at an athletics meeting prior to the 1974 ...

Ron Cone in Fiji


Ron Cone at a military camp in Fiji.

Bruce Keddie and Ron Cone


Bruce Keddie, left, and Ron Cone next to a New Zealand army tank ...

Chickens in the garden


Daughter of Ron Cone in their garden in Papanui feeding the ...

Papanui Primary School class


Class photograph of Room 10 students at Papanui Primary School.

Pontiac Catalina at Mt Cook

December 1975

A Pontiac Catalina owned by the contributor when he was 31 years ...

Firefighters training at Queen Elizabeth II Park

16 March 1972

Firefighters working to extinguish a deliberately set fire at ...

Firehose demonstration at Isleworth Primary School

24 September 1975

Firefighter, S. McNair, helps Nichola Phillips use a firehose at ...

Former Sydenham fire station

31 August 1973

Exterior view of the former Sydenham fire station at 293 Colombo ...

40 Hour Famine participants at Opawa Baptist Church

16 August 1975

A group of girls from Opawa Baptist Church who are participating ...

Knitting for the Himalayan Trust Hospital

22 September 1975

Members of the Christchurch Rotoract Club participating in a ...

H.G. Stiles repairing sewing machines

6 October 1975

H.G. Stiles of the Bishopdale-Burnside Rotary Club with Singer ...

Occupational therapy pottery class

6 June 1970

Participants at an Aged Peoples Welfare Council occupational ...

Official opening of the Aged People's Welfare Council display centre

1 December 1970

Deputy Mayor Harold P. Smith (centre) at the officially opening ...

Camels at Orana Wildlife Park


Camel enclosure at Orana Wildlife Park, McLeans Island, ...

Orana Park Carpark


The carpark with the lions released, Orana Wildlife Park, ...

Tiger enclosure at Orana Park


Tigers at Orana Wildlife Park, McLeans Island, Christchurch.

Tiger enclosure at Orana Park


Tigers at Orana Wildlife Park, McLeans Island, Christchurch.

Lions in the Orana Wildlife Park carpark


A view of the Orana Wildlife Park's carpark, taken from behind ...

Lions relaxing at Orana Wildlife Park


Lions under the trees at Orana Wildlife Park, McLeans Island, ...

Former school hall in Akaroa

4 August 1979

Exterior of a former convent and school hall in Akaroa, shortly ...

Mary's Mount rest home

26 March 1977

Exterior of Mary's Mount rest home on Summit Road on the ...

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