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The Canterbury Savings Bank

1 August 1972

Interior of the Canterbury Savings Bank central city branch on ...

Trusser at Belfast Trussing Works

19 May 1973

Ernice Custance operating a trusser at Belfast trussing works.

Ice bin built by Ellis Hardie Symington Ltd

18 December 1978

A bin capable of holding 35 tonnes of ice built by Ellis Hardie ...

Industrial estate on Wairakei Road

20 September 1975

View of grounds at the Industrial estate on Wairakei Road. A ...

Davis Gelatine processing plant

20 September 1976

Interior of the new Davis Gelatine processing plant on Connal ...

Truck with Hume concrete pipes

23 May 1977

Truck with Hume concrete pipes on the site of a new factory in ...

A.G. Healing's bicycle factory

8 December 1977

Interior of A.G. Healing's bicycle factory at 67 Wickham Street ...

A.G. Healing's bicycle factory

8 December 1977

Interior of A.G. Healing's bicycle factory at 67 Wickham Street ...

Addington Workshops library

12 December 1979

Addington Railway Workshops Maintenance Shop sub-foreman and ...

Manchester Street queue

15 October 1979

People queuing on Manchester Street for lotto tickets.

Quintessential Furniture Co.

10 November 1977

Merv Quinlan of Quintessential Furniture Co. with a Viking axe ...

Cutting turf to make instant lawn

17 January 1976

Cutting turf to make instant lawn for Canterbury Turf Laying Co ...


10 February 1979

Sandra Ashby making a brush in a paintbrush making factory.

New Zealand Industries Fair

17 August 1978

A welder at work for the New Zealand Industries Fair.

Reflex Products Limited water skis

7 September 1978

Ivan Ingham (left) and Dave Bell of Reflex Products Limited ...

Traction engine powered saw mill

18 October 1979

A traction engine powered saw mill in operation.

Bark stripping machinery

27 August 1973

A bark stripping machine at the Canterbury Sawmillers ...

Fibreboard plant production line

6 September 1975

Production line at the fibreboard plant at Canterbury Timber ...

Canterbury Timber Products factory

15 July 1978

Exterior of the Canterbury Timber Products factory.

Ice cream cakes

5 November 1971

Making ice cream cakes at the General Foods Gaytime ice cream ...

General Foods showroom, Blenheim Road

20 October 1976

Units on display at the General Foods showroom, Blenheim Road.

Shackel Meats portion control

18 February 1975

The portion control plant of Shackel Meats on Lichfield Street.

Yvonne McCormick

22 February 1978

Yvonne McCormick, butcher at a Merivale butchery.

Aalt Verkerk

30 August 1976

Aalt Verkerk with meat products.

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