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Andersons Foundry

27 January 1979

Sam Taase with steel being melted at Andersons Foundry on ...

Andersons Engineering boilers

27 January 1979

Boilers under construction at Andersons Engineering Limited ...

Mitchells Gully gold battery

27 January 1979

Preserved gold battery at Mitchells Gully, Charleston.

Lyttelton port Clark van carrier

23 September 1976

A Clark van carrier at Lyttelton Harbour shortly after being ...

Trenches at New Brighton beach

21 June 1974

Workers inspecting trenches at New Brighton caused by high ...

Whitebaiting on the Kaiapoi River

30 October 1973

L.T. Beck, 69, of Kaiapoi paddling on the Kaiapoi River to his ...

Whitebait nets in the Avon

7 October 1972

Whitebaiters with nets in the Avon River in the vicinity of ...

Lambskin pelt at Marguerite Leatherware

22 February 1970

The Minister of Overseas Trade, Mr Talboys, examines a lambskin ...

Robert McLean Ltd showroom

15 September 1970

Showroom at Robert McLean Ltd automotive electrical engineers at ...

Golf clubs manufactured at Spalding's Woolston plant on Radley Street.

7 December 1978

Golf clubs manufactured at Spalding's Woolston plant on Radley ...

PGF chairman and Coalgate Palmolive director

7 October 1978

Precision Golf Forging Limited chairman, Wilfred Morris and ...

Dismantling a merry-go-round

11 November 1978

Workers dismantling the merry-go-round at the 1978 Agricultural ...

Bowker Fountain, Victoria Square

23 March 1978

View of the Bowker Fountain in Victoria Square looking towards ...

King Edward VII Coronation Memorial fountain

21 August 1978

The King Edward VII Coronation Memorial fountain resited at ...

Ferrier Fountain

14 January 1978

A worker standing on scaffolding working on repairs to the ...

Ferrier Fountain

23 March 1978

The Ferrier Fountain in Victoria Square looking across the Avon ...

Shand Crescent fountain

19 July 1977

View of the fountain on Shand Crescent at the Shand Crescent ...

King Edward VII Coronation Memorial fountain

14 June 1977

The King Edward VII Coronation Memorial fountain in its original ...

Clown model at A and P Show

12 November 1976

Michael Dulieu with a clown model at the Agricultural and ...

Golf ball machine

10 April 1975

Golf ball manufacturing machine at Gollin Sports Limited on ...

Gollin Sports Limited factory

11 April 1975

The Radley Street factory of Gollin Sports Limited in Woolston.

The trabant ride

15 November 1975

Riding the trabant at the Canterbury Agricultural and Pastoral ...

James Price in a lucky dip

15 November 1974

James Price, 7, in the lucky dip at the 1974 Agricultural and ...

Jaycees roof painting

14 April 1973

Jaycees painting the roof of John Lawn's house in Roxburgh ...

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