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Cave Rock Sumner.


Cave Rock Sumner. Joy at the beach in Sumner.

Bridge construction


Construction of bridge in the Somerfield/Cashmere area looking ...

Closure of Manchester Street bridge

2 April 1962

A traffic officer at the closed Manchester Street bridge over ...

The Stratton family camping at Selwyn Motor Camp.

30 December 1965

Mr Stratton, Mrs Stratton with Barry and Denyse (and budgie, ...

Kairaki camping ground

28 December 1964

View across caravans and tents at the camping ground at Kairaki.

The Yellowlees family camping at Woodend

28 December 1964

Stewart, Linda, Joe Yellowlees of Kaiapoi, sunbathing outside ...

Hospital corner, winter morning 1960s


This scene was photographed by my father and features a PA ...

First flight

December 1965.

Alan Tunnicliffe's first flight. Arrival at Christchurch ...

Changing Face of Hornby Clock Tower


Part of the changing face of Hornby. The Clock Tower built by ...

Strumming on the roof


Roof tops of New Regent Street, Christchurch. Susan Quirk is the ...

Tasman Empire Airways display at Canterbury Court

1 August 1961

Members of Tasman Empire Airways putting up a display inside ...

Extension to Canterbury Court

17 June 1969

Construction of an extension to Canterbury Court which will ...

Canterbury Court roof construction

13 September 1960

Architect P.J. Bevan and engineer, W. Lovell-Smith, watch as a ...

Construction of Canterbury Court

8 November 1960

Construction of Canterbury Court at the Addington Show Grounds ...

Earth clearing at Canterbury Court

2 February 1961

Earth clearing operations inside the newly built Canterbury ...

Construction of Canterbury Court

11 May 1961

Construction of Canterbury Court at the Addington Show Grounds ...

Interior of a chemists

11 December 1961

View of stocked shelves of beauty and pharmaceutical products in ...

Bonningtons The Chemists

19 September 1968

Interior view of a pharmacist working in the dispensery at ...

The new clock for the MED building

19 September 1960

View of a crane setting the new clock for the MED building on ...

Clock of shells

8 October 1962

J. Diver with his clock made of shells on the garage of his home ...

Rotary hoeing the lawn at Victoria Street floral clock

18 March 1964

Parks and Reserves staff rotary hoeing the lawn around the ...

Victoria Street floral clock

21 September 1965

Mrs D. Stanton and grandchildren, Geoffrey and Christopher ...

Repairing an electric clock

28 July 1966

M.E.D. test assistant Don Donaldson repairing an electric clock.

Canterbury Honey Week display hives

8 July 1967

Construction of observation hives for display at Canterbury ...

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