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Electrically fired boiler

15 April 1964

Electrically fired boiler at the Municipal Electricity ...

Post Office Savings Bank centenary

3 February 1967

Post Office Savings Bank staff, dressed in period costume on ...

Engines in Addington Railway Workshops

8 July 1967

Two men working on the casing for engines and generators shown ...

Remains of Lyttelton prison

Circa 1960s

Remains of Lyttelton prison.

Treatment of wood

25 October 1969

Wood being prepared for treatment at a Christchurch treatment ...

Colin Kinley using a staking machine

28 July 1962

Colin Kinley using a staking machine to soften leather.

Leather spraying

28 July 1962

Dennis Truscott operating a leather spraying machine.

Shoe designer, Ken Holt

6 August 1962

Ken Holt with shoes he has designed. Ken is one of the youngest ...

Injection Moulders Ltd machine

4 April 1966

A man operates a new Injection Moulders Ltd machine at the ...

Treated pelts at a city tannery

20 April 1964

Director Nigel Bowron shows members of the Canterbury Footwear ...

Sorting through chrome tanned skins

Circa 1960s

Allan Hughs sorts chrome tanned skins.

General Foods, Blenheim Road

20 November 1968

Exterior of the General Foods plant on Blenheim Road with ...

Search and Rescue Organisation members

2 September 1967

Sergeant G.E. Dawson (Police) checking off members of the Search ...

Owens Butchery staff

10 April 1968

Butchers of Owens Butchery, Colombo Street, wearing boaters.

Apprentice butchers

17 September 1968

J.A. Downes (right) supervising apprentice butchers at the ...

Sugden's Mastercut Meats

8 November 1967

Exterior of Sugden's Mastercut Meats, Riccarton.

Trevor Childs and butchery display

7 July 1961

Trevor R. Childs with 'English country display' made of meat at ...

Eiffel Tower display at butchery

16 August 1961

Eiffel Tower display in butchery window made of sausage and ...

Competition at the MED training school

11 December 1969

Municipal Electricity Department (MED) workers lower Sammy ...

Clearing wires in Nairn Street.

3 September 1965

Children watch Mr Davis clearing wires in Nairn Street.

Linesmen reclaiming a cable on Lincoln Road

9 October 1968

Line reclaiming an electricity cable in Lincoln Road for use ...

Transmission line tower construction

22 October 1969

Construction of a transmission line tower.

Erection of spun concrete poles in Lyttelton Street

16 October 1962

The first spun concrete poles made in the South Island being ...

Electrical unit unloaded at Lyttelton

1 September 1969

An electrical unit being unloaded at Lyttelton, destined for ...

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