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Murray Thacker bullock team

5 November 1962

View of the Murray Thacker bullock team during a parade being ...

Murray Thacker bullock team

5 November 1962

The Murray Thacker bullock team travelling through Cathedral ...

The Christchurch Club

29 January 1966

Exterior of The Christchurch Club at 154 Worcester Street.

Manchester Unity building

29 November 1966

View of the Manchester Unity building on the corner of ...

Buildings on Kilmore Street

17 September 1968

Buildings on south side of Kilmore Street between Colombo Street ...

Mannering and Associates

Circa 1960s

Mannering and Associates building at 207 Cambridge Terrace.

Christchurch Drainage Board

30 June 1966

The Christchurch Drainage Board building at 233 Cambridge ...

SIMU Mutual Insurance Association building

2 October 1969

The SIMU Mutual Insurance Association building at 29 Latimer ...

View from the Reserve Bank Building

14 December 1966

View of buildings seen from the top of the Reserve Bank Building ...

View from the Drainage Board building

29 June 1966

View from the roof of 233 Cambridge Terrace, the Drainage Board ...

View from the Drainage Board building

30 June 1966

View of Christchurch rooftops from the Drainage Board building.

Former bank stables

12 August 1968

Former Australia and New Zealand Bank stables on Hereford ...

Amuri Motors parking building and garage

4 July 1964

The parking building and garage for Amuri Motors on the corner ...

Seaview Road

23 December 1967

View of shoppers and cars along Seaview Road, taken from the end ...

Buildings on Cambridge Terrace

17 September 1968

Buildings on Cambridge Terrace, to the north east of Victoria ...

The Christchurch Club

3 July 1964

The Christchurch Club as viewed from Worcester Street.

Inland Revenue Department

24 August 1962

The Inland Revenue Department in the Bates Buildings.

The start of the Sockburn Pool

December 1965

The start of the Sockburn Pool.

Iron testing at the Consumers' Institute

10 April 1966

P.J. McCook giving an iron a temperature test at the Consumers' ...

Hoon Hay Presbyterian Church hall

27 April 1962

Hoon Hay Presbyterian Church hall, Downing Street.

Presbyterian bible class camp

31 March 1964

Mid Canterbury district Presbyterian bible class camp at Rakaia.

St Paul's Church

11 April 1964

St Paul's Presbyterian church on the corner of Cashel Street and ...

Dominion Presbyterian summer conference

30 December 1964

Young people attending the Dominion Presbyterian summer ...

Hoon Hay Youth Club

9 May 1964

Members of the Hoon Hay Youth Club.

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