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Iron testing at the Consumers' Institute

10 April 1966

P.J. McCook giving an iron a temperature test at the Consumers' ...

Hoon Hay Presbyterian Church hall

27 April 1962

Hoon Hay Presbyterian Church hall, Downing Street.

Presbyterian bible class camp

31 March 1964

Mid Canterbury district Presbyterian bible class camp at Rakaia.

St Paul's Church

11 April 1964

St Paul's Presbyterian church on the corner of Cashel Street and ...

Dominion Presbyterian summer conference

30 December 1964

Young people attending the Dominon Presbyterian summer ...

Hoon Hay Youth Club

9 May 1964

Members of the Hoon Hay Youth Club.

Presbyterian Church, Withell's Road

28 February 1966

Congregation gathers outside the Presbyterian church, Withell's ...

Blackwell Motors on Durham Street

14 June 1969

Blackwell Motors, corner of Kilmore and Durham streets.

Christchurch Service Station Limited

5 March 1968

Christchurch Service Station at the corner of Colombo, Cass and ...

Blackwell Motors, Addington

18 April 1968

Caryard at Blackwell Motors, Addington.

Steam cleaning room

18 April 1968

Steam cleaning a car at Addington.

Alan McLean building

6 October 1961

Exterior of the Alan McLean building on the corner of Colombo ...

Demolition of police station

14 May 1968

Demolition of the former Christchurch Police Station on Hereford ...

The Christchurch Club on Worcester Street

6 December 1968

Exterior of The Christchurch Club at 154 Worcester Street.

View over the Oxford Terrace Baptist Church

10 February 1962

View from the fire station looking over the Oxford Terrace ...

Canterbury Society of Arts

4 February 1967

View of the Canterbury Society of Arts building on the corner of ...

Skelton Frostick building

30 July 1968

Exterior of the Skelton Frostick building on Hereford Street ...

Citizenship at Waimairi County Council

21 April 1966

A group who have just taken then Oath of Allegiance at the ...

Naturalisation of the Verkerks family

29 December 1966

The Verkerk family participating in a naturalisation ceremony at ...

St Asaph and Antigua streets intersection

26 May 1969

Traffic officer E.A. Papslie at the corner of St Asaph and ...

Manchester Street and Lichfield Street corner

26 May 1969

Scene of a car driving the wrong way along Lichfield street, ...

One way traffic scheme

22 May 1969

Aerial view of central Chistchurch, with overlayed arrows ...

Intersection of Cashel Street and High Street

28 May 1966

View of the Intersection of Cashel Street and High Street with ...

Ashby Bergh store on High Street

28 April 1967

Exterior of the Ashby Bergh retail store on High Street, south ...

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