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Traffic lights on Deans Avenue.

12 April 1969

Traffic lights at the Deans Avenue-Harper Avenue-Fendalton Road ...

Cashel Street-High Street corner

28 May 1966

Traffic lights at the High Street-Cashel Street intersection.

Smiths City car parking building

2 September 1968

Concrete pour at Smiths City Market's new car parking building ...

Preparing a car park, New Brighton

17 December 1966

Earthmoving machinery preparing a carpark on land between Union ...

Amuri Motors parking building

7 October 1965

The top level of the Amuri Motors parking building.

Smiths City Market parking building

9 July 1969

View of the new Smiths City Market parking buildig being ...

Lichfield Street car parking building construction

17 May 1965

A construction worker carrying out excavation work prior to the ...

Parking building extensions on Dundas Street

23 August 1969

Construction extensions to the Smiths City Market parking ...

Parking building extensions on Dundas Street

20 September 1969

View of a concrete beam being swung across Dundas Street for the ...

Construction of the Manchester Street parking building

17 March 1965

Construction of the parking building on the corner of Manchester ...

Amuri Motors parking building

7 October 1965

A car driving up the ramp the Amuri Motors new parking building ...

Coin operated petrol pump

2 October 1969

A woman demonstrates the use of a coin operated after hours ...

The Bricks memorial


The Bricks memorial by the Barbadoes Street bridge over the Avon ...

Historic milestone

22 October 1960

Milestone marking the distance of one mile from the old post ...

Bank of New Zealand hitching post

4 November 1963

Wooden hitching post outside the Bank of New Zealand on the ...

Historic milestone

23 June 1961

Milestone outside the Nurse's Home near Christchurch Hospital.

Former horse trough

22 October 1960

A former horse trough on the corner of Richardson Terrace and ...

Construction of Queen Elizabeth II Park

21 August 1965

Aerial view of the construction of Queen Elizabeth II Park.

Waltham and St Martins aerial view

8 June 1969

Aerial view of Christchurch showing Waltham and St Martins.

Aerial view of central Christchurch

11 March 1969

Aerial view of the city centre looking south from the Avon River ...

Aerial view from St Albans

18 July 1969

Aerial view of the city looking south towards the Port Hills ...



Dad Peter, Mum Norma and Paul, together with a family friend, ...

Preparing joinery for the Self Help store in New Brighton 1968


Tony de Vries putting timber through the thicknesser for ...

Changing the tyre


Changing a flat tyre on the way to Hanmer Springs on holiday ...

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