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Paparua County Libraries float

About 1973 to about 1978

Paparua County Libraries float for the Hornby Gala and Cultural ...

Rosina Chisnall in a garden

1920s to 1950s

Portrait of Rosina Chisnall holding a book and standing in a ...

Peter Stuart standing in Whitcombe & Tombs book store


Portrait view of Peter Stuart standing in Whitcombe & Tombs book ...

Series of three photographs, inside Smiths Bookshop

About 2000

Three photographs grouped together. Left: Portrait view of Peter ...

Children's Display in Scorpio Books

16 ‎August ‎2012

Beatrix Potter-themed children's Display in Scorpio Books on ...

Inside Scorpio Books on Riccarton Road

16 ‎August ‎2012

Bookshelves inside Scorpio Books on Riccarton Road.

Inside Scorpio Books on Riccarton Road

‎16 ‎August ‎2012

Inside Scorpio Books on Riccarton Road.

Riley at Orana Park

January 2023

Contributor’s note: “Riley (10 years old) reading a gorilla ...

Riccarton High School prefects


Unidentified prefects lying on the lawn at lunchtime at ...

Scorpio Books - NZ Bookshop Day

7 October 2023

Scorpio Books interior view.

NZ Bookshop Day at Scorpio Books

7 October 2023

Contributor's note: "Window display at Scorpio Books. 50 years ...

Anisa MacLean reading her memoir

16 October 2016

A photo of me at my book reading of my memoir, Surviving Marmite ...

Edgeware Paperback Centre

18 January 2022

Inside the the Edgeware Paperback Centre.

Top 100 books

16 July 2022

Books at Whitcoulls Merivale.

Telling tales

8 October 2022

Scorpio bookshop.

Kings Books and Stamps

9 October 2022

Kings Books and Stamps, a new bookshop in St Albans.

Matariki library display

3 June 2017

Display at New Brighton Library for Matariki.

Library display

27 July 2017

Young Adults diversity display at New Brighton Library.

Ngaio Marsh books

3 April 2022

A pile of Fontana paperbacks from the 1970s.

Ngaio Marsh holding a book

1 February 1982

Dame Ngaio Marsh holding a William Shakespear book.

Ngaio Marsh reading a book

9 October 1965

Ngaio Marsh reading a book in the library of her Cashmere home, ...

Unsold books

28 September 2019

Piles of books left for years in a former book store on the ...

Book Fridge

4 September 2021

Book Fridge Gap Filler.

Pacific Island Affairs team

15 July 1992

Pacific Island Affairs team members; Jonbaar Ford, Tanya ...

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