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The Farmers Santa Claus

14 November 1984

John Teague erecting the giant Santa Claus above the entrance to ...

Radio personalities with donated Christmas presents

11 December 1996

Christchurch radio personalities Jason Gunn and James Daniels at ...

Christmas the goat

24 December 1987

A child, Stephanie Croft, with Christmas the goat at ...

Christmas tree farm on Linwood Avenue

20 December 1986

View of Christmas trees growing on Joe Curtain's Christmas tree ...

Richmond Free Kindergarten Christmas party

16 December 1983

Santa Claus visiting the Richmond Free Kindergarten Christmas ...

Salvation Army Christmas toy collection

5 December 1984

Major Gilbert Beale of the Salvation Army with a selection of ...

Christmas tree at ChristChurch Cathedral

23 December 1981

Two year old, Gavin Hussey examining the Christmas tree with a ...

Cutting The Star Christmas cake

9 December 1983

M.E. Rowe cutting a Christmas cake at the Captains Table ...

Public christmas decorations

21 May 1987

MED lighting personnel Garry Flanagan and Councillor David Cox ...

Santa's workshop Christmas cake

24 December 1981

J.L. McFadden with a Christmas cake shaped as Santa's workshop. ...

Mark Nicholl with Christmas tree

13 December 1980

A child, Mark Nicholl, on his bicycle carrying a Christmas tree ...

Haywrights Santa Claus

26 November 1977

A large fibreglass Santa Claus being installed above the ...

The Farmers Santa Claus

20 November 1987

A large fibreglass Santa Claus being installed above the ...

Santa Claus on the beach

Circa 1990s

A man dressed as Santa Claus on the beach by Rapanui Shag Rock.

Santa Claus float at the Christmas parade

6 December 1958

View along Armagh Street towards the corner with Colombo Street ...

The new Christmas bike

30 December 1976

Man teaching a girl to ride a bicycle in the driveway of a ...

Christmas Dinner, 1962

25 December 1962

Four generations at a humble Christmas dinner.  Grandma Todd, ...

Christmas Time

December 1958

"My sister and me at a Christmas Party in Greymouth." - ...

New Brighton Christmas parade, 2017

Saturday 9 December 2017

Sign writer in Timaru

5 December 1980

Sign writer, Paul Baker, painting Christmas message on a ...

Father Christmas at Starlets Christmas party

Circa 1980s

Father Christmas with Aunt Hilda and children on stage at ...

Christchurch Police Band at Starlets' Christmas party

6 December 1985

View from the back of the auditorium looking over the audience ...

Starlets Christmas Party at Christchurch Town Hall

4 December 1982

Large group of adults and children stood beneath a Merry ...

Starlets with Father Christmas

12 December 1981

Starlets with Father Christmas at the annual Starlets Christmas ...

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