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Growers' Direct Market

21 April 1970

View of customers being served at the Growers' Direct Market on ...

S.R. Ingold Ltd

16 March 1970

S.R. Ingold Ltd, mercery and drapery, 442 Colombo Street, ...

Phillipstown Primary School adventure playground

20 July 1970

Phillipstown Primary School pupils playing on the adventure ...

Construction of Ensors Road bridge

19 May 1970

View of the Ensors Road bridge over the Heathcote River, looking ...

Sculpture court at the Robert McDougall Art Gallery

19 September 1970

Director of the Robert McDougall Art gallery, Mr B. D. Muir, in ...

Hotel bar

7 April 1970

Interior of hotel bar.

Dalgety building

1 August 1970

Views of the Dalgety building shortly prior to demolition in ...

Ilam Services Limited

29 July 1970

View of Atlantic petrol pumps at Ilam Services Limited on the ...

Gloucester Street and Colombo Street intersection

28 February 1970

View of the intersection of Colombo Street and Gloucester Street ...

Intersection of Colombo and Hereford Streets

28 February 1970

Scene of a traffic jam at the intersection between Colombo ...

Robert Falcon Scott statue

11 September 1970

View of the statue of Robert Falcon Scott on the corner of ...

New Midland coach

30 September 1970

New Midland coaches designed and built in Christchurch setting ...

The Midland Coach workshop

1 October 1970

Interior of the Midland coach workshop on Lichfield Street.

MMM Butchery

28 October 1970

MMM Butchery on Yaldhurst Road.

Resuscitation practice at lineworker's school

21 March 1970

Matthew Taylor practices resuscitation on Bernie Brown at ...

Replacing a drop out fuse

21 March 1970

Ian Miller reaches to replace a dropout fuse.

Disused steel towers

10 June 1970

Steel towers, discontinued by the New Zealand Electricity ...

Rescue technique display

21 March 1970

Demonstration of rescue techniques at linemen's school.

Fluoridation plant, Jeffreys Road

14 March 1970

View of the feeder hopper where the fluoride is added to the ...

Burst water hydrant, Durham Street

24 October 1970

A burst water hydrant floods Durham Street outside the Methodist ...

YMCA Gymnastics competition

15 May 1970

Children competing in a gymnastics competition at the YMCA ...

Chinese Boxing

28 November 1970

Peter Chen (left) demonstrating Chinese boxing at the Bryndwr ...

Wedding of Andrew Paterson and Anne Rouse

17 October 1970

Andrew Paterson and Anne Rouse exit St Faith's Anglican Church. ...

S. Hindin and Sons Ltd.

19 November 1970

The workshop at S. Hindin and Sons Ltd with air compressing ...

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