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Cellar of Bonningtons The Chemist

22 December 1973

B.W. Simpson, manager of Bonningtons The Chemist, checks stocks ...

Bonningtons The Chemist closing down sale

22 December 1973

Interior of Bonningtons The Chemist during its closing down ...

Colombo Street


1 of 24 photos by FG Radcliffe in a booklet titled "Scenes from ...

Hudson's Chemist, New Brighton


Mr L. W. Hudson's new and large chemist shop in 1927.

Hudson's Chemist, New Brighton


Mr L. W. Hudson's chemist shop in 1927 before moving into his ...

Interior of a chemists

11 December 1961

View of stocked shelves of beauty and pharmaceutical products in ...

Bonningtons The Chemists

19 September 1968

Interior view of a pharmacist working in the dispensery at ...

Pharmacist Neville Bullock with a F5 3310 computer

7 October 1982

Neville Bullock, a pharmacist at Shirley Pharmacy at 12 ...

Geoff Toy of Boots Chemist

6 August 1988

Geoff Toy, retiring manager of Boots the Chemists at 748 Colombo ...

Pharmacists Bryan Hanafin and Malcolm Mark

15 February 1990

Pharmacists Bryan Hanafin (left) and Malcolm Mark of Hanafins ...

Clearway zone, Colombo Street

9 March 1976

View of a car parked in a clearway zone on Colombo Street ...

Chemist, Bishopdale Shopping Centre

19 November 1979

Exterior of a chemists at Bishopdale Shopping Centre.

Snow on Colombo Street

31 May 1989

Snow on Colombo Street, Sydenham, looking south.

View from ChristChurch Cathedral down Colombo Street

Circa 1960s

Taken from the top of ChristChurch Cathedral looking across ...

Unichem Pharmacy, Bishopdale Village Mall

16 March 2017

Rear exterior of the Unichem Bishopdale Pharmacy at Bishopdale ...

Bishopdale Village Mall

18 May 2017

View along Bishopdale Village Mall towards Unichem Bishopdale ...

Man and dog at Bishopdale Village Mall

18 May 2017

Man walking his dog through Bishopdale Village Mall with Unichem ...

Shopping block in a subdivision off Dunbars Road

23 July 2015

Shopping block in subdivision off Dunbars Road including Curves ...

Unichem Stantons Pharmacy

20 March 2015

Interior of the Unichem Stantons Pharmacy a few weeks before ...

New shops on Halswell Road

14 August 2015

Exterior of new shops and car park on Halswell Road lit up at ...

Halswell Pharmacy, 29 Ensign Street

27 July 2015

Exterior of Halswell Pharmacy at 29 Ensign Street, Halswell.

Former Halswell Shopping Centre, Halswell Road

15 April 2015

Facing the former block of shops at Halswell Shopping Centre, ...

Former Unichem Stantons Pharmacy prior to demolition

30 March 2015

Interior of the former Unichem Stantons Pharmacy being stripped ...

Sign advertising fish and chip shop and pharmacy, Halswell

30 March 2015

Wall outside Halswell New World supermarket with signs ...

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