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Sausages in the Springfield snow

8 August 1973

Army drivers David Gray and Robin Owen-Cooper eating sausages ...

Overlooking Noahs Hotel construction

12 October 1973

Overlooking the construction site of Noahs Hotel and Oxford ...

Construction of Noahs Hotel on Oxford Terrace

10 November 1973

The construction site of Noahs Hotel on Oxford Terrace.

Ron Cone in Fiji


Ron Cone at a military camp in Fiji.

Former Sydenham fire station

31 August 1973

Exterior view of the former Sydenham fire station at 293 Colombo ...

Crayfishing boat, Glen Heath

28 July 1973

A crayfishing boat, Glen Heath, in Lyttelton Harbour.

Climbing a fire engine ladder

15 September 1973

Star reporter, Colin Bryant, at the top of an extension ladder ...

Ernest Adams production line

22 June 1973

Uncooked cakes on the production line at the Ernest Adams ...

Nursery rhyme cakes at Ernest Adams

22 June 1973

Jacqueline Baxter with nursery rhyme cakes at the Ernest Adams ...

Nick Barlow with fruit cake mixture

22 June 1973

Nick Barlow tipping fruit cake mixture into a barrow.

Broadway Bakeries pies

30 August 1973

Freshly baked pies by Broadway Bakeries at their new Durham ...

Laying concrete kerbing in Belfast

6 April 1973

Concrete kerbing being laid in a new residential development off ...

Ghost train advertisement

13 August 1973

Herman Munster figure outside 344 Lincoln Road advertising the ...

Carlton Mill Lodge Motel

6 March 1973

Exterior of units at the Carlton Mill Lodge Motel at 15 Bealey ...

Whitebaiting on the Kaiapoi River

30 October 1973

L.T. Beck, 69, of Kaiapoi paddling on the Kaiapoi River to his ...

Jaycees roof painting

14 April 1973

Jaycees painting the roof of John Lawn's house in Roxburgh ...

Jaycees conference on the Interisland ferry Rangatira

16 June 1973

Jaycee delegates on the Interisland ferry the Rangatira for a ...

Addington show grounds grand parade

10 November 1973

The grand parade at the Canterbury Agricultural and Pastoral ...

View from the Ramada Hotel

1 December 1973

View of Victoria Square and Victoria Street from the Ramada ...

Christchurch Teachers College cheerleaders

13 July 1973

Christchurch Teachers College cheerleaders practicing at Ilam.

Cellar of Bonningtons The Chemist

22 December 1973

B.W. Simpson, manager of Bonningtons The Chemist, checks stocks ...

Bonningtons The Chemist closing down sale

22 December 1973

Interior of Bonningtons The Chemist during its closing down ...

Labour Day picnic white elephant stall

24 October 1973

Thelma Smith and Dave Hines at the white elephant stall at the ...

Construction of university buildings

20 June 1973

Construction of lecture theatre at the University of Canterbury ...

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