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Admission to the Supreme Court

2 January 1973

Barristers and solicitors being admitted to the Supreme Court in ...

Salvation Army corps Linwood

26 October 1973

The Salvation Army corps at 177 Linwood Avenue shortly after ...

Construction of the Sydenham Salvation Army citadel

1 June 1973

The walls of the Sydenham Salvation Army citadel on the corner ...

Linwood Avenue Salvation Army corps

21 February 1973

The new Salvation Army corps on Linwood Avenue under ...

Botanical Gardens bridge

14 May 1973

The nearly completed bridge crossing the Avon River between ...

Canterbury Court

16 June 1973

Aerial view of Canterbury Court at Addington Show Grounds.

J. Turnbull with a fraction collector

22 August 1973

J. Turnbull with a fraction collector at the New Zealand ...

Casual parking, Hagley Park

10 July 1973

Casual visitor parking in Hagley Park near the Armagh Street ...

Parking violation, Lichfield Street

2 August 1973

A car being towed away from a clearway zone on Lichfield Street ...

Parked motorcycles

8 June 1973

Motorcycles parked on the side of a street in the central city.

Lichfield Street clearway zone

2 August 1973

View of a clearway parking zone looking east along Lichfield ...

West City Motor World Ltd

11 April 1973

West City Motor World at 45 Riccarton Road.

Oaklands School pupils planting trees

23 July 1973

Oaklands School pupils planting trees at the reserve at the ...

Canterbury Children's Theatre

18 January 1973

Exterior of the Canterbury Children's Theatre at 71 Colombo ...

Air New Zealand cabin crew uniform

8 November 1973

A new uniform for Air New Zealand female cabin crew being ...

AMP site on Worcester Street

12 January 1973

The site of the AMP building prior to construction in Worcester ...

Blackwell Motors

8 August 1973

Car yard at Blackwell Motors.

Ministry of Transport traffic control centre

6 November 1973

David Haley operating the control panel of the Ministry of ...

Riccarton Road traffic death awareness

29 September 1973

A group of people lying down in the middle of Riccarton Road to ...

Traffic lights on Antigua Street and Moorhouse Avenue

25 June 1973

A Ministry of Transport officer making adjustments to traffic ...

Little River Hotel

24 March 1973

Exterior of the Little River Hotel and bar owned by Doreen and ...

Hororata Hotel

2 June 1973

Exterior of the Hororata Hotel in wider Canterbury.

Patrons at the Southbridge Hotel

17 March 1973

Colleen Davies, wife of the owner of the Southbridge Hotel ...

Ocean View Hotel at Governors Bay

2 October 1973

Exterior of the Ocean View Hotel at Governors Bay.

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