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Manchester Street bridge


View of the Manchester Street bridge looking from just past the ...

Avon River view


View looking along the Avon River with Cambridge Terrace to the ...

Sitting along the Avon River


Groups of people relaxing in the sun along the bank of the Avon ...

Victoria Street bridge


View from Victoria Square towards the Victoria Street bridge ...

Armagh Street bridge


View of a woman seated on the bank of the Avon River next to the ...

Avon River bank


View of the Avon River towards the Armagh Street bridge with ...

Avon River and Cambridge Terrace


View along the Avon River and Cambridge Terrace. To the left is ...

Thomas Edmonds Band Rotunda restaurant


Members of the Gopal family outside the Thomas Edmonds Band ...

Manchester Street bridge


View of the Manchester Street bridge looking toward the Thomas ...

Seated by the Avon River


Betty Beecroft nee Watkins sitting on the bank of the Avon River ...

Madras Street bridge

28 October 1964

View from Oxford Terrace near Kilmore Street, looking towards ...

The willow tree near the river

22 September 2020

"A group of year 8s went out to take photos for Turanga Library ...

Water Sculpture in Avon River

22 September 2020

"A group of year 8s from St Peters School took on a challenge to ...

Water Wheel - Mill Island

22 September 2020

"This is a water wheel in Christchurch" - Contributor's note ...

Mayoral Earthquake message

4 September 2020

Message from the Mayor Lianne Dalziel on the 10 year anniversary ...

Ferrier Fountain

13 August 2020

Fountain by the Town Hall lit up.

Vintage Bike

April 2020

A vintage bike parked by the Avon river during a bike ride in ...

Sunset on the Avon River

May 2020

Sunset on a walk during lockdown.

Family stroll down the Avon

April 2020

Dad and daughter go for an evening autumn stroll down the Avon ...

Mystic River

15 July 2020

One foggy winter morning, I decided to photograph my walk. ...

River Avon

Autumn 1994

River Avon taken from Kilmore Street.

Not just portaloos!

17 October 2011

In the months following the 2011 earthquakes, sewage & drainage ...

Spring in the Residential Red Zone

19 Oct 2011

October 2011 brought new spring greenery to the Avon Loop - and, ...

Avon River reacts to Feb 2011 earthquake

Tuesday 22 February, 2011, 2.07 PM

Following 22 Feb 2011 quake, the Avon River running through town ...

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