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Avon River, near hospital, Christchurch N.Z


Avon River, near hospital, Christchurch N.Z.
Maoriland ...

Antigua Boat Shed

8 October 2019

Antigua Boat Shed. Took this photo before heading home. ...

Christchurch Public Hospital and gardens


Aerial photograph of Christchurch Public Hospital, gardens and ...


8 July 2019

It was clear autumn sky, yellow leaves, and greenery grass ...

Ten Ladies punting on the Avon


Ten Ladies punting on the Avon.
Photographer W. H. ...

Avon River and Band Rotunda


From Beautiful Christchurch - a set of postcards containing 8 ...

River Avon, Owen McGurk, and sister Nellie McGurk.


River Avon, Owen McGurk, and sister Nellie McGurk.

The River Avon, Christchurch, N.Z.

circa 1909

Postcard of the Avon River, circa 1909 Postcards were a form of ...

Aerial View of Dallington in the 1940s,


1940s view of the Avonside Drive area. Torlesse Street newly ...

Cathedral Square from Worcester St bridge


Cathedral Square looking east from Worcester St bridge; Avon ...

Avon River Poplars


Note on back: "This is 2 houses away from me but it looks real ...

Tram at terminus of old Dallington Bridge


1913. Dallington bridge spans the Avon River at the end of ...

Opening of Wilding Park


Dallington Bridge near the middle of the picture. Gayhurst Road ...

Seeing the sights - Dallington Bridge


Loaded coach at Dallington Bridge On photo: "Seeing the sights ...

Daffodils and river


Daffodils and river. From a photograph album.

Bridge of Remembrance ?


Possibly the Bridge of Remembrance from the river. From a ...

Protest raft on the Avon River

8 November 1981

Robin Buxton, a member of the Friends of the Adolescent Unit, in ...

Heavy vehicle detour signs

13 July 1966

Heavy vehicle detour signs on Madras Street bridge in front of ...

Aerial view of Central Christchurch, 1961


Aerial photo of Christchurch Central taken on a scenic flight ...

On the banks of the Avon


Dorothy Lott and friends on the banks of the Avon.

Canterbury University Students Avon River Bike Race


Canterbury University Students Avon River Bike Race. Avon River ...

Punting on the Avon River

29 August 2015.

Punting on the Avon River.

Closure of Manchester Street bridge

2 April 1962

A traffic officer at the closed Manchester Street bridge over ...

Botanical Gardens bridge

14 May 1973

The nearly completed bridge crossing the Avon River between ...

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