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Pram test at the Consumers' Institute

26 October 1974

Mr Philpott and Elizabeth Kennedy test the brakes of a pram at ...

Testing of prams at the Consumers' Institute

26 October 1974

Mr Philpott tests prams at the Consumers' Institute at 482 Tuam ...

Addington Cemetery

12 January 1974

View of Addington Cemetery.

Christmas shopping at New Brighton

21 December 1974

Crowds of Christmas shoppers on footpaths and in cars along New ...

Victoria Square from Colombo Street

19 July 1984

View of Victoria Square, taken from the roof of a building on ...

Aerial view of Victoria Square

23 November 1974

Aerial view of Victoria Square from the north west looking down ...

Chung Wah on Armagh Street


Chung Wah on Armagh Street

Mr Toi Yee Chan outside the Chung Wah Restaurant


Mr Toi Yee Chan, owner of the Chung Wah Restaurant, on Armagh ...

The controller and operator at MED

27 July 1974

Municipal Electricity Department (MED) operator Peter Farrell ...

Canterbury Country Women's Institute exhibit

26 February 1974

C. Pilgrim of the Bryndwr branch of the Canterbury Country ...

Site for Canterbury Public Library

15 July 1974

View of buildings on the corner of Gloucester Street and Oxford ...

Picking strawberries at Lincoln College

7 December 1974

Nancy Tuheke picking strawberries at Lincoln College.

Strawberry picking

13 April 1974

People picking strawberries at Redberry farm on Main South Road.

Akaroa Head lighthouse

20 November 1974

Exterior of the Akaroa Head lighthouse.

Akaroa Head lighthouse

11 May 1974

The Akaroa lighthouse and lighthouse keepers cottage on the ...

The new Bank of New Zealand uniforms

23 January 1974

Gail Smith (left), Kate Slowey and Adrienne Berrett in the new ...

Houses on Maces Road in Bromley

2 March 1974

View along Maces Road in Bromley of houses which are awaiting ...

Inspection of land by H.G. Hay and M.R. Carter

27 September 1974

Citizens Association city councillors, H.G. Hay and M.R. Carter, ...

Site of housing subdivision on Worsley Spur

7 June 1974

View towards the site of Worsley Spur during the construction of ...

Flying saucer house

11 November 1974

A fibreglass Futuro house, an example of those which a ...

Hillmorton High School students fundraising

15 November 1974

Hillmorton High School students pushing a wheeled contraption to ...

"Kalamazoo" trolley pumping world record attempt

22 March 1974

Robin Scanes (left) Martin Jansenns and Ashley Brown on a ...

Queue of women on Cashel Street

2 December 1974

A queue of 426 women lining up on Cashel Street to apply for 50 ...

Maze at New Brighton

25 October 1974

View from above of three children inside a maze at New Brighton ...

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