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Bible Lady


This was taken in the Square in Easter 1971, there were still ...

Jaguar Convertible


Random snapshot taken Easter 1971.

Bible Lady


In the Square, Easter 1971

Three cousins


The girl in pink on the right is being presented at her high ...

Giant glass goblet

26 February 1971

R.T. Lowry of Crown Crystal Glass with a goblet in the firm's ...

Photo of Annie’s Mother and Aunt.

About 1971

Eileen McEntyre (nee Ford) and Margaret Bateman (nee Ford).

Byrne family portrait


Portrait of Eddie and Lesley Byrne with their children Errol and ...

Passport portrait of Margaret Chisnell

15 June 1971

Portrait view of Margaret Chisnall for her 1971 ...

Pumping station – Pages Road


This photo was taken in 1971 of the pumping station on Pages ...

Royal Christchurch Musical Society


This is the Royal Christchurch Musical Society during their ...

Bhiku Bhana batting

23 January 1971

Paul Hammant bowling against Bhiku Bhana during the ...

Gregory Atkinson falling near Grant Shortland at Rollerdrome

23 October 1971

Gregory Atkinson falling near Grant Shortland at the Rollerdrome ...

Canterbury Pilgrims Association garden party

13 December 1971

Members of the Canterbury Pilgrims Association at a garden party ...

Kaiapoi Textiles Limited offices

24 November 1971

The offices of Kaiapoi Textiles Limited at 30 Manchester Street ...

Radley Mill, Woolston

24 November 1971

Radley Mill, the site of Kaiapoi Textiles Limited in Woolston.

Fire at Fleming's flour mill

17 May 1971

A fire burning at Fleming's flour mill on Deans Avenue in ...

Fleming and Co fire

11 June 1971

The debris of the Fleming and Co flour mill on Deans Avenue in ...

Simons Bakery Ltd

2 December 1971

The interior of the new Simons Bakery Ltd factory at 9 Raycroft ...

J.H. Templeton of Cremorne Bakers

25 August 1971

J.H. Templeton of Cremorne Bakers in the new Falsgrave Street ...

Weaving machine, Millers Limited display at the Industries Fair

19 August 1971

A weaving machine at the Millers Limited display at the ...

Millers Limited exhibition at the Industries Fair

30 August 1971

E. Carlton operates an automatic loom at the Millers Limited ...

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