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Ice cream cakes

5 November 1971

Making ice cream cakes at the General Foods Gaytime ice cream ...

Shackel Meats, New Brighton

1 December 1971

Exterior of Shackel Meats, New Brighton shopping centre.

Linda Ward

17 March 1971

Linda Ward, butcher apprentice at Shackel Meats butchery.

South Canterbury Electric Power Board builidng

31 March 1971

The new administative building for the South Canterbury Electric ...

The Great Hall

13 March 1971

Interior of the Great Hall at Canterbury University with rows of ...

Bryndwr YMCA complex

24 April 1971

The exterior of the Bryndwr YMCA.

The Town Hall auditorium

14 August 1971

The interior of the auditorium at the Christchurch Town Hall ...

The Town Hall under construction

2 September 1971

Aerial view of the Christchurch Town Hall under construction on ...

Sheep caecums ready for processing

3 May 1971

Barrels full of lamb caecums ready to be unloaded into a cool ...

Watties canned garden peas

28 January 1971

Close-up of a can of Watties garden peas.

Watties processing factory

28 January 1971

Exterior of the Watties processing factory in Hornby.

Ice cream manufacturing at Watties

5 November 1971

Interior of the factory floor during ice cream manufacturing at ...

Spreydon Library

24 February 1971

Exterior of Spreydon Library shortly prior to being opened on ...

Reunion of former Sydenham School schoolboys

29 October 1971

A gathering of former Sydenham School pupils who played truant ...

School Dental Service 50th jubilee

28 August 1971

Attendees at the 50th jubilee of the School Dental Service. From ...

School Dental Service 50th jubilee

30 August 1971

Margaret Gibson, Glennys Raffils, Noeline Churstain, Liza ...

Reunion of Farmers office girls

20 April 1971

Laurie McKinley, Doris Bell and Ada Loader, former Farmers ...

Lighthouse keeper and family

11 December 1971

Lighthouse keeper, Brian Gray, with his wife Thelma, and their ...

Godley Head lighthouse steps

11 December 1971

Steps leading down to the lighthouse at Godley Head.

Godley Head lighthouse

11 December 1971

A girl stands next to the bulb inside the Godley Head ...

Godley Head chief lighthouse keeper, Brian Gray

11 December 1971

Brian Gray, Godley Head chief lighthouse keeper, inspecting a ...

View from Godley Head lighthouse

15 December 1971

View from the interior of Godley Head lighthouse.

Lighthouse keeper's cottage, Godley Head

11 December 1971

Exterior of the Lighthouse keeper's cottage at Godley Head.

Godley Head lighthouse

15 December 1971

Interior of Godley Head lighthouse lighting system.

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