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N.Z. Coal Industry float


Photos were taken in 1970 or 1971 of the annual student ...

Student floats


Photos were taken in 1970 or 1971 of the annual student ...

Wapiti Fawn, Fiordland, 1971


The fawn was caught on the run, it was tagged, photographed and ...

Anti-Vietnam war demonstration

25 April 1971

View of an anti-Vietnam war banner being held up amongst the ...

Vietnam War protest

31 July 1971

Anti-Vietnam war demonstrators participating in a march in ...

Anti-Vietnam war demonstration

30 July 1971

View of anti-Vietnam war Protesters gathered in Cathedral Square ...

Salvation Army search and rescue

22 May 1971

Salvation Army members taking a tea break during a search and ...

Salvation Army citadel

28 August 1971

Exterior view of the Salvation Army citadel on Victoria Street ...

Government Life building master clock unit

24 August 1971

Electricians Murray Sanders (left) and Gregory Watts installing ...

Len Clarke panelbeaters

20 November 1971

Exterior of Len Clarke panelbeaters Ltd at 113 Fitzgerald ...

Avonside Girls High School nursery

6 October 1971

S. Walker (left) and M. Harrall with children of the Avonside ...

Windsor Primary School pupils

20 January 1971

A group of girls gathered in a group on the playground at ...

Battle of the Bands final

15 November 1971

Crowd at the Battle of Bands South Island final in the ...

Greeting the cast from Snow White

3 May 1971

View of a crowd at Christchurch Airport to welcome the cast of ...

Tennis tournament crowd

4 December 1971

Crowd at the Benson and Hedges International women's tennis ...

Crowd at Addington raceway

27 February 1971

View of the crowd at Addington Raceway during the trotting grand ...

Workers' hut on the Waltham Road overhead bridge

28 September 1971

Hut for workers laying the median strip on the Waltham Road ...

Waltham Road overhead bridge

19 February 1971

View of traffic using the new diversion for the Waltham Road ...

Construction of Malcolm Avenue bridge

12 October 1971

View of the construction site for the new Malcolm Avenue bridge ...

Central Canterbury Electric Power Board building

18 March 1971

Construction of the Central Canterbury Electric Power Board ...

View of the central city

18 December 1971

View of central city, looking south from Cambridge Terrace. In ...

Renovation of Paparua County Council office

3 July 1971

Paparua County Council offices under construction in Sockburn.

View of the central city from Drainage Board building

13 November 1971

View of the central city from the Drainage Board building.

General assembly at St Paul's Church

1 November 1971

The general assembly of the Presbyterian Church at St Paul's ...

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