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Lockdown Phillipstown Web

25 April 2020

A series of photographs taken by residents of Phillipstown ...

God of Rugby

18 April 2020

Church and rugby ball during the lockdown in Phillipstown. ...

Cheering up Grandma during Covid-19 lockdown

‎Thursday, ‎23 ‎April ‎2020, ‏‎2:04 AM

I haven't been able to hug my grandmother throughout the ongoing ...

Stickers galore - wonder who got landed with THAT job?!

‎Sat ‎2 ‎May ‎2020, ‏‎3:27 PM

Christchurch buses moved to new precautions under Level 3 ...

Trying new things during L4 lockdown: Kitchen mad science!

‎17 ‎April ‎2020, ‏‎4:19PM

Joining the Lockdown National Bake-off trend, I've been ...

Learning new art/craft techniques during lockdown

08 April 2020, 11:42PM

Having no visitors during L4 lockdown has provided some time to ...

Covid-19 lockdown precautions on Go Bus vehicle, #80 route

14 ‎April ‎2020, ‏‎11:15AM

Most extensive Covid-19 signage & cautions I've seen on a Chch ...

Signs on door, Ferry Road Pharmacy

8 April 2020

A number of paper signs on the door to the Ferry Road Pharmacy ...

Taped off playground, Olliviers Reserve

25 March 2020

Boy unable to play on playground equipment due to Covid-19 ...

Ernest Adams Christmas puddings

30 June 1990

Debbie Stammers (left), Cecilia Ashby and Kylie Kong pack ...

Edmonds factory garden

14 September 1982

The garden at Edmonds factory on Ferry Road, Phillipstown.

Decorating Christmas cakes at Ernest Adams

24 August 1978

Mrs Vivian Hopkins (left) and Mrs Doreen Ramsey decorating ...

Ernest Adams production line

22 June 1973

Uncooked cakes on the production line at the Ernest Adams ...

Nursery rhyme cakes at Ernest Adams

22 June 1973

Jacqueline Baxter with nursery rhyme cakes at the Ernest Adams ...

Nick Barlow with fruit cake mixture

22 June 1973

Nick Barlow tipping fruit cake mixture into a barrow.

Ernest Adams sponge rolls

2 July 1983

Jim Martin with a rack of sponge rolls at the factory of Ernest ...

Edmonds factory gardeners

14 September 1982

Ray Leech (kneeling) and Norm Griggs, gardeners of the Edmonds ...



Edmonds building and gardens



Edmonds building and gardens

Opening of the "new" brick Phillipstown School building in 1922


Opening of the "new" brick Phillipstown School building in 1922.

Dave and Val Milne and Bob and Olive Milne


Dave and Val Milne and Bob and Olive Milne (Bob and Dave were ...

Phillipstown Primary School adventure playground

20 July 1970

Phillipstown Primary School pupils playing on the adventure ...

Tas Scott of the Consumers' Institute

29 August 1983

Tas Scott, retiring head of the Consumers' Institute in the ...

Pram test at the Consumers' Institute

26 October 1974

Mr Philpott and Elizabeth Kennedy test the brakes of a pram at ...

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