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Family barbecue

10 January 1979

The old problem of getting the charcoal barbecue going. More ...

Summer day at Pines Beach

2 January 1979

Typical Christchurch summer day at Pines Beach. Blue sky, ...

ChristChurch Cathedral roof repairs

9 April 1979

Oi Sagapolu, Watene Ruha and Lindsay Berryman fixing the roof of ...

Rudolf Steiner school fair balloon

24 November 1979

Rudolf Steiner teacher, Thomas Proctor, with students about to ...

Kampuchean refugee funds

6 December 1979

Cashmere Primary School pupils with money raised for Kampuchean ...

Somerfield Primary School

14 December 1979

Hayden Dyer, 5, being shown around the classrooms of Somerfield ...

Savoy cinema queue in Cathedral Square

16 May 1979

Children and parents lining up outside the Savoy Theatre in ...

Digging under the Robert McDougall Art Gallery

13 February 1979

Construction worker, Peter Robinson, working on opening up the ...

Catalogue and postcard shelves, Robert McDougall Art Gallery

13 February 1979

Peter Tilson (left) and Michael Jaspers, both from Burnside High ...

Storage room at the Robert McDougall Art Gallery

13 February 1979

John Harper, a conservator, checking paintings in the storage ...

Miss Susan Robertson at a charity march

21 February 1979

Miss Hornby, Susan Robertson, at a Birthright charity march ...

Christchurch Hospital


Christchurch Hospital 1979.

Sea View Cellars bottle store

22 November 1979

Lifeboat outside the Sea View Cellars bottle store at McCormacks ...

Sea View Cellars

22 November 1979

Interior of Sea View Cellars bottle store.

Broadlands Centre

20 December 1979

Exterior of the Broadlands Centre on the corner of High Street ...

Crossing Main North Road

31 January 1979

Senior traffic instructor G.R. Marriner escorting Fiona and ...

Camping outside A. J. Whites furnishing store

3 May 1979

Three women, Carol Pakau, Ira Pakau and Charmaine Tepaki, ...

Expansion site of Riccarton Mall

5 May 1979

View of the construction site along Division Street where ...

Jones Shoes at Riccarton Mall

20 November 1979

View of the window display at Jones Shoes in Riccarton Shopping ...

Shoppers at Riccarton Mall

20 November 1979

Interior view of Riccarton Shopping Mall and of shoppers ...

Riccarton Mall building extensions

25 September 1979

Exterior of newly completed extension work to Riccarton Shopping ...

Kaianga workshop

1 November 1979

A fitter and turner at work at Kaianga workshop.

Addington Workshops library

12 December 1979

Addington Railway Workshops Maintenance Shop sub-foreman and ...

Manchester Street queue

15 October 1979

People queuing on Manchester Street for lotto tickets.

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