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Bikes Galore

About 1979

Recreational Cycle Club members in fancy dress cycling through ...

150 year old Macrocarpa Tree


150 year old Macrocarpa Tree, Belfast Road (Near Cemetery) ...

Boy with “Hot Rods” Racer Set


Boy with “Hot Rods” racer set for Christmas. Note ...

Girl in Cotton Dress


Seated girl in smocked cotton dress for a Christmas portrait.

Baby in a cot at Bethany Maternity Hospital


An unidentified baby lying in a cot at the Bethany Maternity ...

Young mother changing her baby’s nappy


An unidentified young mother changing her baby’s nappy at the ...

Visiting Antarctica for business


Contributor's note: "My husband (right) with his work colleague ...

Welcome sign at McMurdo Base, Antarctica


Contributor's note: "A photo my husband took while on a work ...

Date Night


Shirley Yates and Kevin Rae on a date at the Guardsman ...

Wooden House at 38 Cranmer Square

4 November 1979

This colour photo shows a tiny old wooden house then situated on ...

Operation Deepfreeze postcard


Operation Deepfreeze postcard depicting United States Navy ...

Floral dance in Cathedral Square.

30 June 1979

Children partaking in a floral dance in Cathedral Square.

Celebration at Telethon

July 1979

People at Telethon celebrating.

Sewathon for Telethon

11 June 1979

Aranui High School fifth form students who have taken part in a ...

Children dancing in Cathedral Square

6 July 1979

Children dancing in Cathedral Square to the music of the New ...

Bob Bradford's band at Telethon

2 July 1979

Bob Bradford's band performing at Telethon as the funds reach $1 ...

Crown Crystal Glass

16 August 1979

A glass blower of Crown Crystal Glass fashioning a glass item.

Inspection of a gas storage tank at Andersons Engineering

12 July 1979

The Minister of Energy, Birch, and Ceramco Group general ...

Noahs Hotel

24 March 1979

Noahs Hotel on Oxford Terrace, seen at the intersection with ...

Hangi for work scheme guests and visitors

1 September 1979

Hangi at a youth employment scheme on the property of David and ...

Building a sea wall at Little Akaloa

25 August 1979

Unemployed youth building the sea wall at Little Akaloa as part ...

Maternity, by sculptor Llew Summers, in Cathedral Square


The work was installed without permission in Cathedral Square in ...

Leua Iosefa


Leua Iosefa posing in the Port Hills while driving around with ...

Fa'asala Ai'ono Jnr


Fa'asala Ai'ono Jnr sits on the grass outside her grandparents ...

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