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Ngaio Marsh House, dining room

19 August 1992

Fireplace in the dining room of Ngaio Marsh House with armchairs ...

Ngaio Marsh House, fireplace and seating

19 August 1992

Fireplace and seating at Ngaio Marsh House in Cashmere.

Ngaio Marsh House, front entrance

19 August 1992

Front entrance to Ngaio Marsh house viewed from the street.

Clearing snow in the garden

August 1992

Feterika's brothers clearing the snow after the big snow, August ...

Stryker Six fire engine

12 August 1992

Stryker Six, the first of three new fire engines for ...

Woolston house in the Big Snow of 1992

August 1992

House in St Luke's Street, Woolston 1992.

Snow on Ferry Road car yard

28 August 1992

Ferry Road car yard on the morning of the big snow.

Snow on Ferry Road

28 August 1992

A car stuck in snow at an intersection on Ferry Road.

"Judas Iscario" Cashmere High School Band

19 August 1992

Cashmere High School's five-piece rock band Judas Iscario, which ...

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