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Northside Theatre

7 February 1980

Exterior of the Northside Theatre at 39 Main North Road in ...

Theatre Royal interior

17 May 1980

View of the seating inside the Theatre Royal on Gloucester ...

Theatre Royal interior

17 May 1980

View of a decorated box in the interior theatre area of the ...

Theatre Royal dome detail

23 May 1980

Close-up of the detail on the interior dome at the Theatre Royal ...

Amuri Courts tower

6 May 1980

Tower addition to the Amuri Courts building on the corner of ...

St Paul's Presbyterian Church

28 June 1980

Exterior of St Paul's Presbyterian Church.

St Andrew's Presbyterian Church

28 June 1980

Exterior of St Andrew's Presbyterian Church.

Knox Presbyterian Church

28 June 1980

Knox Presbyterian church on the corner of Victoria Street and ...

Traffic control centre, Tuam Street

18 October 1980

The computer area of the traffic control centre at the civic ...

Kevin Low with electronic petrol pump

5 June 1980

Production Engineering Systems designer, Kevin Low, ...

Pedestrian crossing

20 December 1980

Pedestrians on a Barnes Dance / Diagonal crossing at an ...

Pilgrim landing depiction, Queen Victoria Statue

24 January 1980

Bronze depiction of pilgrims landing at Lyttelton on the base of ...

A. J. Whites furnishing store

7 October 1980

Exterior of A. J. Whites home furnishers on the corner of Tuam ...

Skellerup Isowall foam products

13 November 1980

A woman and a display of Skellerup Isowall foam products ...

Skil Power Tool Centre, Tuam Street

22 November 1980

Exterior of Skil Power Tool Centre at 373 Tuam Street.

Star Products Ltd safety helmet

10 June 1980

Company foreman, Martin Tapley testing a safety helmet produced ...

Sydenham butcher, W.D. Cross

11 November 1980

Sydenham butcher, W.D. Cross, outside his butchery and showing ...

MMM Meats, New Brighton

10 November 1980

Interior of MMM Meats, New Brighton.

Night without power at Iona Community

6 August 1980

Rev. David Pierce, Sister Ann O'regan, Esma, and Rev. Don ...

The Baker family protest against MED prices

6 February 1980

Mary Baker, with Graeme and Scott, in their third day without ...

Minister meets with electricity protesters

24 April 1980

The Minister of Energy, Bill Birch, with Michael McNabb and John ...

Frances and Sarah Truesdale

13 February 1980

Frances Truesdale lights candles after her family's electricity ...

MED electricity protest

9 February 1980

Frances Truesdale using the facilities at the Burwood Roman ...

John Truesdale

13 February 1980

John Truesdale uses a gas stove to cook dinner after the ...

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