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Spencer Park Motor Camp

1 January 1980

Tents blown over by the wind at Spencer Park Motor Camp.

YMCA hoola hoop race

12 August 1980

Hoola hoop race at the YMCA gymnasium.

YMCA youth development programme

6 November 1980

Raewyn Cooke teaches Christchurch South Intermediate pupils how ...

Music World, Sydenham

2 July 1980

Hoghton Hughes sat in the studio of Music World in Sydenham.

Canterbury Public Library under construction

18 June 1980

Dean Stevenson, a carpenter, stood outside the Canterbury Public ...

Heathcote River flooded

29 September 1980

Flooding of the Heathcote River on Clarendon Terrace.


29 January 1980

Timberlands site on Mandeville Street, Riccarton.

Lionel Hunter lounge suites

21 November 1980

Construction of lounge suites at Lionel Hunter's factory on ...

Dunlop plant, Woolston

17 April 1980

Marketing manager V. Buxton (left) and manager Ray Kelly at the ...

Shoe manufacturing

20 August 1980

An automatic combination back part moulding and seat lasting ...

School holidays at the Groynes

26 January 1980

A group of friends at the Groynes. Pictured, from front to back, ...

Weeds at the Groynes

26 January 1980

Lex Stock, Groynes head ranger, clearing weeds from the ...

Student employment scheme at the Groynes

26 January 1980

Alex Lee (left) and Graeme White at work in the Groynes

Lex Stock, Groynes head ranger

26 January 1980

The head ranger at the Groynes, Lex Stock, on the new suspension ...

Suspension bridge at the Groynes

26 January 1980

Terry Creach, aged 11, canoeing in a branch of the Waimakariri ...

Swimming at the Groynes

26 January 1980

A group of adults and children swimming in a branch of the ...

Jubilee reunion of nurses

14 May 1980

Former nurses meeting at the Hagley Nurses Hostel for their ...

25th anniversary of Matangi Street, Islington

1 November 1980

Residents of Matangi Street, Islington celebrating the 25th ...

The National Bank building on Hereford Street

4 August 1980

Exterior of The National Bank building on Hereford street during ...

National Bank building

15 March 1980

Exterior of the National Bank on the corner of Manchester and ...

Father Christmas in Cinderella's coach

22 December 1980

Santa Claus sat in Cinderella's coach and being towed by Murray ...

Christmas trees for Antarctica

19 December 1980

S.W. Skudder and I. Radovanovich with Christmas trees destined ...

Shaun Roberts with Christmas presents

18 December 1980

A child, Shaun Roberts, carrying his Christmas presents in the ...

Farmers and Haywrights Christmas roof display

11 December 1980

Suzanne Grace examining the display of Captain Hook and friends ...

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