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City Mall High Street


Pedestrians crossing at the intersection of High Street, ...

Clearway zone, Colombo Street

9 March 1976

View of a car parked in a clearway zone on Colombo Street ...

Lichfield Street clearway zone

2 August 1973

View of a clearway parking zone looking east along Lichfield ...

Colombo Street railway bridge

18 July 1960

View of the newly completed Colombo Street railway bridge over ...

Colombo Street railway bridge

18 July 1960

View looking up at pedestrians on the Colombo Street railway ...

MFL building

26 November 1977

Exterior of the MFL Building on the corner of Gloucester Street ...

Crossing Main North Road

31 January 1978

School children crossing at the intersection of Cranford Street ...

Tuckers Road crossing

6 February 1978

Northcote Primary School pupils using the Tuckers Road crossing.

Dyers Pass Road pedestrian crossing

31 January 1978

View of a women with a group of children waiting at the Dyers ...

Crossing Main North Road

31 January 1979

Senior traffic instructor G.R. Marriner escorting Fiona and ...

Pedestrians crossing on High Street

5 June 1976

View of a pedestrian crossing on High Street.

Intersection of Colombo and Hereford Streets

28 February 1970

Scene of a traffic jam at the intersection between Colombo ...

Pedestrian crossing

20 December 1980

Pedestrians on a Barnes Dance / Diagonal crossing at an ...

Crossing at Memorial Avenue and Clyde and Fendalton roads

19 October 1961

Schoolchildren crossing the intersection at Fendalton Road, ...

Pedestrian crossing at Gloucester and Colombo streets

2 April 1962

View of the pedestrian crossing system at the intersection of ...

Traffic and pedestrians south of Cathedral Square


View down Colombo Street from South Cathedral Square looking ...

Cathedral Square with pedestrians

Circa 1882

Cathedral Square, showing the Post Office and Godley statue, ...

Cyclists and traffic on Manchester Street


Scenes taken from the intersection of Manchester Street and ...

Trams and buses in Cathedral square


Scenes of a tram pulling to a stop and of buses pulling up at a ...

Colombo Street looking south towards the Cathedral

Circa 1930

Cars, bicycles, trams and pedestrians in and around Colombo ...

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