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Old time dance for elderly

16 October 1976

Scenes of dancers at an old time dance event for the elderly at ...

Ferris Wheel ride at Labour Day picnic

26 October 1976

Children on the Ferris wheel at the Labour Day picnic in Linwood ...

Construction of the Durham Street South bridge

11 October 1976

Construction of the bridge crossing the Avon River and linking ...

Construction of the Durham Street overbridge

21 October 1976

Construction workers working on the Durham Street overbridge in ...

Petrol station field trip

5 October 1976

Christ the King School students on a school trip to Kendal ...

General Foods showroom, Blenheim Road

20 October 1976

Units on display at the General Foods showroom, Blenheim Road.

Jaycees in TV 2's dubbing suite

5 October 1976

John Lammon, Peter Goldsmith and Bernie Griffin in TV2's dubbing ...

Christmas cake

26 October 1976

Close-up of a large Christmas cake on a table with Christmas ...

Graffiti on buildings at the University of Canterbury.

16 October 1976

Graffiti on a wall in front of the University of Canterbury ...

Soldiers become (temporary) Sailors aboard HMNZS Taranaki

9 October 1976

Soldiers from Burnham onboard the HMNZS Taranaki in Lyttelton ...

Sport pavilion at Hillmorton High School

29 October 1976

1st floor interior of the newly built sport pavilion at ...

Sport pavilion at Hillmorton High School

29 October 1976

Exterior of the newly built sport pavilion at Hillmorton High ...

High school students on bicycles

16 October 1976

Large group of students leaving Burnside High School in uniform ...

Linwood High School students running

30 October 1976

Linwood High School students during a run from Hornby Shopping ...

Artist Jeffrey Harris with painting

9 October 1976

Jeffrey Harris, artist working on the Banks Peninsula, sat in a ...

Stan Johnson's grocer shop, Colombo Street

23 October 1976

Interior of Stan Johnson's grocer shop, at 787 Colombo Street, ...

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