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Lichfield Street clearway zone

23 February 1978

View of a clearway parking zone looking east along Lichfield ...

Tuam Street car park

25 September 1978

The Christchurch City Council parking site at 196 Tuam Street.

T.M. Moore and Co. Ltd

23 September 1978

T.M. Moore and Co. Ltd at 127 Peterborough Street.

Town Hall Service Station

9 September 1978

Town Hall Service Station at 848 Colombo Street on the corner ...

Service station shop

10 March 1978

Items for sale outside a service station including balls, ...

Volkswagen repair at Brown and Patterson

28 March 1978

Allan Bayard uses the Mayrack Genie chasis straightening ...

Redwood Mobil

21 September 1978

Exterior of the Redwood Mobil service station on the corner of ...

Bryndwr Service Station

8 March 1978

Bryndwr Service Station on the corner of Normans Road and ...

Brown and Patterson Ltd

28 March 1978

Brown and Patterson Ltd, car painters and panel beaters at 69 ...

Gasson Motors Ltd service station

6 July 1978

The Gasson Motors Ltd service station at 194 Waltham Road.

The House of Sewing

29 July 1978

Exterior of The House of Sewing at 29 Main North Road in ...

George Wong of Hop Yick Cheong

11 March 1978

George Wong inside his shop, Hop Yick Cheong at 177 Madras ...

Cliff Young in Hop Yick Cheong

18 February 1978

Cliff Young, grandson of George Wong, holding a vase in his ...

Old objects of Owens Ltd

5 April 1978

D. Quane, manager of Surf Dive and Ski, with objects belonging ...

Surf Dive 'n Ski

13 November 1978

The interior of Surf Dive 'n Ski at 751 Colombo Street.

Chinese merchants goods

11 March 1978

A sample of goods available at Hop Yick Merchants, 177 Madras ...

George Wong's shop

18 February 1978

George Wong in the display window of his shop, Hop Yick ...

View from postal centre building

21 January 1978

View of the city centre seen from the postal centre on Hereford ...

David Bowie concert

30 November 1978

View of crowds at the David Bowie concert held at Queen ...

Peter Frampton concert

27 November 1978

View of crowds at the concert of English rock star, Peter ...

Academy Cinema

11 March 1978

Exterior of the Academy Cinema at the Christchurch Arts Centre.

Home Advisory Bureau at the Building Centre

20 September 1978

Executive officer of the Home Advisory Bureau Mr Simon Hollander ...

Sumner Auctions

5 April 1978

Exterior of the former army church in Sumner at 42 Nayland ...

Fisher's building

28 September 1978

Fisher's building on the corner of Hereford Street and High ...

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