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David Bowie concert

30 November 1978

View of crowds at the David Bowie concert held at Queen ...

Peter Frampton concert

27 November 1978

View of crowds at the concert of English rock star, Peter ...

Academy Cinema

11 March 1978

Exterior of the Academy Cinema at the Christchurch Arts Centre.

Home Advisory Bureau at the Building Centre

20 September 1978

Executive officer of the Home Advisory Bureau Mr Simon Hollander ...

Sumner Auctions

5 April 1978

Exterior of the former army church in Sumner at 42 Nayland ...

Fisher's building

28 September 1978

Fisher's building on the corner of Hereford Street and High ...

Stained glass window, St Ninian's Church

19 December 1978

Graham Stewart and Jon Borrette prepare the stained glass window ...

Oxford Victualling Co.

25 February 1978

Interior of the Oxford Victualling Co, 794 Colombo Street.

Crossing Main North Road

31 January 1978

School children crossing at the intersection of Cranford Street ...

Tuckers Road crossing

6 February 1978

Northcote Primary School pupils using the Tuckers Road crossing.

Excavator in the Avon River

19 May 1978

Excavator in the Avon River near the Armagh Street bridge ...

Dyers Pass Road pedestrian crossing

31 January 1978

View of a women with a group of children waiting at the Dyers ...

Captain Cook statue

11 October 1978

Statue of Captain James Cook in Victoria Square.

Mt Cook Jumbo liner coach

25 February 1978

View of a jumbo liner coach of Mt Cook-Denning, parked outside ...

Midland Coach at the University of Canterbury

9 November 1978

A Midland coach belonging to the Midland Touring Club, parked on ...

Ice bin built by Ellis Hardie Symington Ltd

18 December 1978

A bin capable of holding 35 tonnes of ice built by Ellis Hardie ...

New Zealand Industries Fair

17 August 1978

A welder at work for the New Zealand Industries Fair.

Reflex Products Limited water skis

7 September 1978

Ivan Ingham (left) and Dave Bell of Reflex Products Limited ...

Canterbury Timber Products factory

15 July 1978

Exterior of the Canterbury Timber Products factory.

Yvonne McCormick

22 February 1978

Yvonne McCormick, butcher at a Merivale butchery.

Papanui butchery

28 April 1978

Exterior view of Papanui butchery.

Computer operations engineer, T.L. Scott

26 April 1978

Computer operations engineer, T.L. Scott, with the new computer ...

Replacement of MED clock figures

10 February 1978

Harry Tickle and Jim Griffiths replacing the figures on the ...

Site of the new Academy Cinema

7 February 1978

View of the former Canterbury University gymnasium at the Arts ...

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