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New Zealand Industries Fair

17 August 1978

A welder at work for the New Zealand Industries Fair.

Reflex Products Limited water skis

7 September 1978

Ivan Ingham (left) and Dave Bell of Reflex Products Limited ...

Canterbury Timber Products factory

15 July 1978

Exterior of the Canterbury Timber Products factory.

Yvonne McCormick

22 February 1978

Yvonne McCormick, butcher at a Merivale butchery.

Papanui butchery

28 April 1978

Exterior view of Papanui butchery.

Computer operations engineer, T.L. Scott

26 April 1978

Computer operations engineer, T.L. Scott, with the new computer ...

Replacement of MED clock figures

10 February 1978

Harry Tickle and Jim Griffiths replacing the figures on the ...

Site of the new Academy Cinema

7 February 1978

View of the former Canterbury University gymnasium at the Arts ...

Snowfall on Deans Avenue

29 June 1978

View of snowfall on Deans Avenue next to Hagley Park as a car ...

Taylors Mistake bach

21 July 1978

Damage to a bach at Taylors Mistake caused by waves during a ...

Wind damaged power pole on Pages Road

12 July 1978

Workmen removing a wind damaged power pole on Pages Road near ...

Frost covered punga trees

16 June 1978

Brad McClurg with ice covered punga trees after a heavy frost in ...

Benjamin Denning in the snow

13 June 1978

Benjamin Denning, 3, playing in the snow at Dyers Pass Road.

Mail delivery in the snow

13 June 1978

Cashmere Hills postie, Wendy Gray, delivering mail in the snow.

Snow mobile on Waller Terrace

29 June 1978

Tony North and Melanie Johnston on a snow mobile travelling down ...

Snow in Cathedral Square

29 June 1978

Michael Hakes and Manu Manihera in the snow in Cathedral Square.

Metal peacock

1 March 1978

Metal peacock being constructed in a workshop.

Waimakariri River mouth

10 April 1978

People fishing at the mouth of the Waimakariri River.

Drilling the foundations for Canterbury Public Library

22 March 1978

A drilling rig starting to establish the foundations for the new ...

Waimakariri Gorge

12 January 1978

View of Waimakariri Gorge.

Waimakariri Gorge and bridge

7 January 1978

A car parked beside the river at Waimakariri Gorge.

Snow covered car

13 June 1978

Eanne Fromont clearing the snow off the windscreen of her car.

Snow on Dyers Pass Road

13 June 1978

Kristian Stannard with Andrew Sewers on his shoulders, clearing ...

Ian Baynes, craftsman cabinet maker

31 August 1978

Ian Baynes with a spinning wheel he has produced.

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