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A helicopter tries to remove loose rock from Redcliffs soon ...

Us coastguard helicopter


U.S coastguard landing in Antarctica 2005.

Filling a monsoon bucket at Rangiora

3 February 1989

Alan Bond pilots a helicopter as the fire fighters fill a ...

Offloading sheep dog and volunteers for Operation Snow

July 1992

Flight Sergeant Bray helps to offload sheep dogs and volunteers ...

Helicopter relief to snow bound farms

July 1992

An Air Force Iroquois helicopter used to bring relief to snow ...

Iroquois helicopter at Fairlie Hotel

July 1992

An Air Force Iroquois outside the snow covered Fairlie Hotel.

Helicopter for snow stranded tourists

20 November 1967

A helicopter used to transport tourists from a tour bus stranded ...

Iroquois helicopter at Sumner

1 December 1980

A Suzuki truck being carried by an Iroquois helicopter at ...

Erica and Fiona at Garden City Helicopters


Erica (left) and Fiona have been friends for a number of years ...

Helicopter at Sydenham petrol station

19 October 1989

Garden City helicopter at the Mobil Sydenham petrol station on ...

Helicopter brings supplies

27 November 1975

Helicopter transporting roofing materials at Lyttelton.

Vicki Buck and Keith Drayton with a rescue helicopter

20 September 1989

View of a new air rescue helicopter on a promotional flight ...

Westpac Rescue Helicopter

25 June 1996

Westpac Rescue Helicopter in flight.

Christchurch Air Rescue Trust

2 October 1991

Chris Hughey (left), Chris Thornley (centre) and Brian Franks ...

Helicopter rescue exercise on the Waimakarariri River

22 January 1990

Simon Duncan from the Canterbury Air Rescue Trust jumping out ...

Opening Day of the new Terminal Building


A helicopter on the tarmac at Christchurch International Airport ...


27 February 2011

Close up of helicopter flying.

Halswell Quarry - fighting the Port Hills fire

15 February 2017

Two helicopters collecting water from Halswell Quarry to douse ...

Eel fishing at Lake Ellesmere/Te Waihora


Eel fishing Lake Ellesmere/Te Waihora. Selwyn (Sel) Lockie in ...

Container delivery by helicopter, Gloucester Street

25 October 1980

View of a helicopter hovering over Gloucester Street during the ...

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