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Lyndhurst Hospital exterior, Bealey Avenue

12 September 1984

Exterior of Lyndhurst Home at 58 Bealey Avenue shortly before ...

Yardleys Bakery brandy snaps

7 July 1984

Drew Miller, storeman at Yardleys Bakery in Aranui, packing ...

Feltex factory

21 February 1984

Exterior of the Feltex carpet factory at 8 Athol Terrace, Upper ...

John Tusa, spinning operator

18 June 1984

Spinning operator John Tusa at the UEB Industries Limited ...

Industries Fair at night

30 August 1984

View of the amusement rides at the Industries Fair at night at ...

Centrum 1000 turret punch press

7 May 1984

Centrum 1000 turret punch press at Fielden and Sons Limited.

Gough, Gough and Hamer Limited

23 May 1984

The Gough, Gough and Hamer Limited manufacturing department on ...

Pei-Pei Lane at the A and P Show

9 November 1984

Pei-Pei Lane, 14, wearing accessories at the Canterbury ...

A and P sideshow prizes

10 November 1984

Aitutaki Radford, 2, with sideshow prizes at the Canterbury ...

Papanui roundabout fountain

12 May 1984

Catherine Johnson, 5, examines the fountain at the Papanui ...

Moving Hogben House

22 March 1984

The first section of Hogben House at 15 Bealey Avenue, on the ...

Hogben House

3 March 1984

Exterior of Hogben House, the former teacher training centre at ...

Gasholder demolition

26 June 1984

Demolition of gasholder at the Christchurch Gas Company gas ...

Terry Birchfields, demolition contractor

26 June 1984

Terry Birchfields, demolition contractor, at the Christchurch ...

The Wintergarden on Madras Street

3 March 1984

The Madras Street entrance to the Winter Garden. Next door is ...

Celebrating the shortest day of the year

23 June 1984

University of Canterbury students Leah Kininmonth, Sarah ...

Bower Avenue-Travis Road intersection

11 October 1984

The intersection at Bower Avenue-Travis Road in New Brighton.

Speeding vehicles

17 October 1984

Speeding vehicles on the Northern Motorway.

Illegally parked van

18 August 1984

An illegally parked van on the corner of Armagh Street and ...

Bealey Avenue road works

18 August 1984

Road works on Bealey Avenue looking towards the intersection ...

Moller and Young shop


Moller and Young shop interior at 224 Oxford Terrace

Moller and Young stand at the Industries Fair


Moller and Young stand at the Industries Fair

New lamps for Harper Avenue

26 June 1984

Municipal Electricity Department linesman, Wayne O'Keefe, ...

Revival Rides

23 February 1984

John Lyon of Revival Rides, a tourist horse and cart tour, drawn ...

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