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26 May 2019

Cousins sliding at the Margaret Mahy playground.

QEII Fun Park

1 January 1995

The “super slide” at QEII Fun Park. The fun park was ...

Former Christchurch Police Station & Rainbow.


Former Christchurch Police Station with heavenly cover.

Halswell Winter Ball, Halswell Community Hall

8 August 2015

Band, Phoenix Knights, playing at the Halswell Winter Ball at ...

Halswell Winter Ball, Halswell Community Hall

8 August 2015

A group of children at the Halswell Winter Ball at the Halswell ...

Lila and Sid playing in their lounge

21-08-2016 11:34 a.m.

Two children, Lila and Sid playing with dolls houses in their ...

Dragon train at the New Zealand Exhibition


Scenes of the dragon train carrying passengers at the New ...

Child on Sumner Beach

Circa 2004

A child chasing seagulls on Sumner Beach. Several other people ...

Horse drawn wagon at Riccarton

11 December 1978

Adults and children on a wooden wagon pulled by a horse at a ...

Trusteebank Canterbury wheelbarrow derby

9 November 1985

Participants in the Trusteebank Canterbury wheelbarrow derby on ...

Velcro wall at the Carlton Hotel

16 January 1991

Dominion Breweries employees, Graham Stockdale and Julie ...

Jumping off the pier at Diamond Harbour

1 January 2015

Three children jumping off the pier at Diamond Harbour.

Group of children holding a ball off the ground, QEII Park

7 March 1986

School children in QEII Park trying to keep a colourful 'Earth' ...

Chisnallwood Intermediate School raft race

Circa 1970s

Teachers' raft at Chisnallwood Intermediate School raft race on ...

Dodgem Car ride

Circa 1990s

Four people on a dodgem car ride in Hagley Park.

Sumner School students with inflatable dinosaur

Circa 1990s

Group of Sumner School students posing in front of a large ...

Raft race along the Avon River

1 April 1991

The New Brighton Volunteer Fire Brigade raft and rafters ...

Sack riding at QEII Park

3 January 1991

Two girls, Mariam Hunter of Papanui and Hannah Graham of St ...

Waimairi Vintage Country Fair 78

21 February 1978

Groups of children playing under a the livery chute of a ...

Margaret Mahy playground


Kids enjoy a summer day at Margaret Mahy Playground

Children splashing in mobile spa pools

22 January 1980

Group of children splashing around in mobile spa pools on Wycola ...

Egg and spoon race at Parklands Mall

17 April 1984

A group of women participating in an egg and spoon race for ...

Halswell Model Railway

29 March 2015

The model railway is operated by members of the Canterbury ...

St Saviour's Orphanage outing


St Saviour's Orphanage outing on Stranges Pantechnicon ...

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