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Early 22 Brook Street, Bexley

Late 1950s or early 1960s

The Campbell family home. The house Stephanie's grandparents ...

22 Brook Street a little later on.

possibly 1980s

This photo is of the same house as the one titled Early 22 Brook ...

Dickson Home

About 1980

313 Marine Parade, South New Brighton.

Dickson Home.

About 1920

18 Wildberry Street, Opawa. In photo: Mary, Lester, and Miles - ...

Dickson Home

2 April 1939

57 Somme Street, St. Albans.

29 Glandovey Road, Fendalton.


My parents first home in New Zealand, having arrived from ...

Dickson Home.


14 Bligh Street (now Tovey Street) New Brighton

New house, Whitby Street, Burnside


House built in 1966 in Whitby Street Burnside in a new ...

Dickson Home, 133 Somerfield Street, Beckenham.


133 Somerfield Street, Beckenham. House built in 1906.

Dickson Home


9 Sinclair Street, New Brighton. House built in 1947.

Mayo Place, Belfast

March 1995

Exterior of the home of June Hunt and Bernard Hunt in Mayo Place ...

Garden in Belfast

March 1995

Part of the garden growing Impatiens, owned by June Hunt and ...

The Locke family cottage in the Avon Loop


392 Oxford Terrace. "Writer and activist Elsie Locke lived there ...

Manual lawn mower

August 2002

"Dad used the very first manual lawn mower he purchased in his ...

Bamford Street House


"Mr Evans in the doorway of his Bamford Street House" - ...

Northern motorway expansion victims

26 August 1967

Tom Anderson and his wife outside their house at 36 Esperance ...

Northern motorway expansion victims

26 August 1967

A house and its occupants who will be forced to move as a result ...

Additions to house on the corner of Barrington and Rose Streets, 1923


Upper storey being added to house built by my grandfather Billy ...

240 Estuary Road, South Brighton


Lots of changes [since 1960]. Just before it was demolished ...

240 Estuary Road, South Brighton


Original South Brighton house built by the late Mr Skudder. ...

McCormacks Bay

Late 1960s.

I grew up in McCormacks Bay. It was a great place for children, ...

"Hi-Tide" 2 Moncks Spur, Redcliffs


We called our rented house "Hi-Tide" in 1960. It's a magical ...

Eon, Neville and Arthur Holt at Holt Family Home.

Circa. 1918-1919.

Eon, Neville and Arthur Holt at Holt Family Home. On back of ...

Holt family Home, 48 Horotane Valley.

December 1969.

Showing swimming pool built by Neville Holt. Neville Attwood ...

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