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Canterbury Aged People's Welfare Council's party

24 June 1980

Ellen Tovey (left) and Linda Watts at the Canterbury Aged ...

Brick kiln remains

9 June 1980

The remains of a circular brick kiln.

Boilers for Addington workshops

9 June 1980

Coal fired boilers for the Addington Railway workshops produced ...

NZMC car servicing

7 June 1980

Cars being serviced at the NZMC on Worcester Street.

St Paul's Presbyterian Church

28 June 1980

Exterior of St Paul's Presbyterian Church.

St Andrew's Presbyterian Church

28 June 1980

Exterior of St Andrew's Presbyterian Church.

Knox Presbyterian Church

28 June 1980

Knox Presbyterian church on the corner of Victoria Street and ...

Kevin Low with electronic petrol pump

5 June 1980

Production Engineering Systems designer, Kevin Low, ...

Star Products Ltd safety helmet

10 June 1980

Company foreman, Martin Tapley testing a safety helmet produced ...

Canterbury Public Library under construction

18 June 1980

Dean Stevenson, a carpenter, stood outside the Canterbury Public ...

West's Family Restaurant, Wigram

10 June 1980

Exterior and signs for West's Family Restaurant, a takeaway and ...

Film maker at Templeton Hospital

26 June 1980

Trainee training officer at Templeton Hospital, Tim Powell, ...

Rebecca Whittle at Canterbruy and Westland Science Fair

28 June 1980

Sacred Heart College student, Rebecca Whittle, with a ...

Artist Grant Banbury with mixed-media drawings

4 June 1980

Grant Banbury, artist, posing with his mixed- media artwork ...

Lyttelton's last civil and naval tailor, D. Lublow

28 June 1980

Mr D. Lublow, civil and naval tailor, sat in his London Street ...

The Portstone restaurant, Woolston

9 June 1980

Exterior and signage of the Portstone restaurant, Woolston.

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