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Flower girl Jan-Hai Iosefa


Page boy with Flower girl Jan-Hai Iosefa at the Leota's wedding ...

Bridesmaids with flower girl Jan-Hai Iosefa


Bridesmaids with flowergirl Jan-Hai Iosefa for the Joseph ...

Melelupe Filiai, Dawson Misa and Ofa Pulu


Melelupe Filiai, Dawson Misa and Ofa Pulu wait for start of ...

SPac Pac (sPacifically Pacific) Academic Awards Ceremony


SPac Pac (sPacifically Pacific) Academic Awards Ceremony for top ...

Holly Lea, Fendalton

31 August 1991

The exterior rear of Holly Lea residential home at 133 Fendalton ...

Quamby Home for Aged gentlewomen

22 May 1953

Exterior of Quamby Home for Aged gentlewomen on Fendalton Road.

Edith Edwards' 100th birthday cake

15 January 1983

Edith Edwards, 100, cuts her birthday cake with her niece, Freda ...

So Close Yet So Far

25 March 2020

George Gough at Elmwood Park during lockdown.

Mike Reitsma of Fendalton Fish Supply

18 January 1985

Mike Reitsma with sea caught salmon at Fendalton Fish Supply at ...

Fendalton Post Shop

May 2002

Fendalton Post Shop at Fendalton mall, 19-23 Memorial Avenue, ...

Fendalton Road speed limit sign

24 January 1969

Speed limit sign on Fendalton Road near the railway crossing.

Mr H. F. Herbert's garden, Bradnor Road, Fendalton.

15 February 1938.

Secured the award for the best garden in Christchurch in the ...

Temporary bridge on Fendalton Road

25 November 1974

Barry Seymour, contractor, next to a temporary bailey bridge ...

Helen Cordner and B. Penny

20 March 1980

Helen Cordner (left) and B. Penny on the bank of the Wairarapa ...

Construction of concrete road bridge, Puriri Street

30 June 1990

Shingle being loaded into the Avon riverbank, Puriri Street, ...

David Penrose and beehives

4 February 1978

Beekeeper, David Penrose, with his beehives at his Fendalton ...

Aerial view of Fendalton Road

27 June 1983

Aerial view of Fendalton Road from Memorial Avenue.

Fendalton School crossing

12 February 1988

Emily Harrison and Kelly Hamblyn with school patrol gear at ...

Fluoridation plant, Jeffreys Road

14 March 1970

View of the feeder hopper where the fluoride is added to the ...

Fluoridation plant, Jeffreys Road

16 September 1965

A. Hardaker, a pumping station attendant, recharging the feeder ...

Pied Piper at Fendalton library

29 June 1984

Elizabeth O'Connor, a Court Theatre trainee director, playing ...

Fendalton Community Centre Children's Library

1 March 1968

Interior of the childrens library at Fendalton Community Centre ...

Pottery wheel at Fendalton library

28 October 1977

Lorraine Poole using a pottery wheel, watched by Kay Whiting of ...

St Barnabas Anglican Church, Fendalton

August 1990

Interior view of a stained glass window at St Barnabas Anglican ...

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