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Henry Downes, 1954/55


Henry Downes selling Golden Kiwi Art Union tickets. Outside Post ...

James Felton Harris (Vic) in his office


Vic Harris in his office in the Christchurch Public Hospital ...

James Felton (Vic) Harris, cardiographer, at the Christchurch Public Hospital


James Felton (Vic) Harris, cardiographer, in the cardiograph ...

Child sitting beside dressed up horse

Late 1940s / early 1950s

Child sitting beside dressed up horse

Addington Timber Company office staff, timber machinists and joiners, 1937


Addington Timber Company office staff, timber machinists and ...

Ten Ladies punting on the Avon


Ten Ladies punting on the Avon. Photographer W. H. Bickerton, ...

Street snapshot in Christchurch City


Three babies in this family; I could be any one of them in the ...

Two photos of Tram no. 26, Christchurch

May 1938

Left photo: Tram Driver (a family member). Right photo ...

Naomi Poulsen on her way to Art School


Naomi Poulsen in front of the Cathedral on her way to Art ...

Boys' High Swimming Sports, 1919

26 February 1919

Boys from Christchurch Boys High School at the Graving Dock in ...

Family Group in Cathedral Square


Two neighbours with one's child and one's mother outside ...

Mother and Daughter in Town 1941

September 1941

My nana and her daughter Agnes (my aunt) probably a trip into ...

A Bridegroom and His Sisters

5 April 1947

My dad Ray (Sno) on his wedding day with two of his sisters, ...

The Sixtieth Birthday

August 1983

Photo of my dad's 60th birthday Ray (Sno) with his 8 siblings at ...

1935? Off to war


My father and a friend walking in Cathedral Square, with United ...

Fancy Dress at R.N.Z.A.F Weedons in the 1950's


Fancy Dress at R.N.Z.A.F Weedons in the 1950's. I am Wendy ...

Desmond Pidgeon at Okains Bay School, 2013


This photo was taken of Desmond John Pidgeon (born 1926) when he ...

Pidgeon Family, Okains Bay 1905


Pidgeons (Okains Bay) Left Voilet M Percy Harris (son of Silas ...

Banks Peninsula Seven-A-Side Miniature Rugby Ball


This miniature gold rugby ball was given to all 7 rugby players ...

Me in my 1932 Chevrolet, 1956-57


Photo of myself with mobile advertising of the movie "Shake, ...

Family group in Cathedral Square


Family group in Cathedral Square. Near the old post office.

Iris and Adrian, ca 1960


Myself and my second eldest son shortly after we emigrated from ...

Prams the way they used to be made!


My daughter Lisa at our new house in Munro Street, Redwood.

Annie Watts and her daughter-in-law Jean on New Brighton Beach


New Brighton beach, Annie Watts (with sunshade) and her ...

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