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Children roller skating at Sockburn School


Christian Ward, Shirley Charles, Carol Hood, and Lorelle Baxter ...

Ngaio Marsh and Jonathan Elsom


Ngaio Marsh holding a script for a 'Crown Court' play for ...

'Dress Up' concert 1919


This photo was taken of a 'dress up' concert held at the ...

Wolf in the queue

5 September 2021

A wolf joins the queue for a contactless pick-up from Steviez ...

Woolworths staff in costume

27 June 1985

Woolworths staff dressed up at an auction for Telethon. Pictured ...

Ballet performance at Telethon

28 June 1977

Men dressed as ballerinas performing at Telethon 1977.

Woolworths staff fundraise for Telethon

23 June 1983

Staff of Woolworths, Sydenham, in costumes to raise money for ...

What Now dancers

25 June 1988

What Now dancers performing at the Telethon.

Fairy - Christchurch Botanic Gardens


"Fairy in a tree" - Contributor's note. Taken in a tree at the ...

Circus performer on Rolleston Avenue

1 February 1979

"Circus performer riding in back of red car during a circus ...

Indonesian Masked Dancer at Ingham's Lazy Sundays

18 February 2018

"A dancer performs a traditional Indonesian dance to gamelan ...

Pancake race contestant

14 April 1976

View of a New Brighton Shrove Tuesday pancake race contestant.

Fancy dress at Labour Day picnic

24 October 1983

A child dressed up at the Labour Day picnic in Woolston Park.

Halloween at Opawa School

30 October 1982

Opawa School pupils Chris Jassett, Anna Miers and Sacha ...

Meeting a busker at the Botanic Gardens

7 September 2019

Heather meeting a gorilla busker playing an accordion outside ...

Stage coach to Sheffield

14 February 1977

Len Bush driving a Cobb and Co stagecoach with passengers in ...

Windsor School production

19 August 1983

View of students performing in an anti-pollution play at Windsor ...

Aorangi School clowns

17 May 1985

Aorangi School pupils dressed as clowns following a visit from ...

St Michael's School 130th anniversary

21 October 1981

Pupils from St Michael's School dressed in period costumes to ...

Book characters at the library

22 April 1983

Opawa School students dressed as book characters in the ...

Beckenham School 75th anniversary

9 March 1990

Pupils of Beckenham School in 1920s fashion as part of the ...

Cast of Occidental Hotel's Rocky Horror Picture Show

16 October 1991

Cast members, consisting of local Christchurch actors, of the ...

Cast of Court Theatre's Wind in the Willows


Members of the Wind in the Willows cast in costume next to a ...

Post Office Savings Bank Centenary

3 February 1967

Men dressed in Victorian fashion with two penny farthings to ...

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