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Post Office Savings Bank Centenary

3 February 1967

Men dressed in Victorian fashion with two penny farthings to ...

Post Office Savings Bank centenary

3 February 1967

Post Office Savings Bank staff, dressed in period costume on ...

Tall Order Stilt Group

11 March 1991

David Garrett 'playing' a fake saxophone with the Tall Order ...

Pied Piper at Fendalton library

29 June 1984

Elizabeth O'Connor, a Court Theatre trainee director, playing ...

Witches at the library

31 October 1975

Canterbury Public Library staff dressed as witches for Halloween ...

Cyclists in the centennial procession

9 December 1941

Cyclists, including those on Penny Farthings, dressed in period ...

Horses in the centennial procession in Christchurch

9 December 1941

A man on a horse leading a packhorse with the sign "too slow for ...

French landing re-enactment

22 April 1940

Re-enactment of the French landing at Akaroa as part of Akaroa ...

ANZ 150th celebration

22 March 1990

Staff of ANZ Bank Armagh Street, dressed in Victorian clothing ...

Footrot Flats at Bank of New Zealand, Papanui

15 December 1986

Bank of New Zealand Papanui branch staff dressed as Footrot ...

The Hogshead Tavern mascot at Christmas

21 December 1991

Kate Rivers, bar staff member, with the owner of Hogshead Tavern ...

Father Christmas in Cinderella's coach

22 December 1980

Santa Claus sat in Cinderella's coach and being towed by Murray ...

Stuart Branch with Aviator Bear

4 December 1989

A child, Stuart Branch, getting a hug and a toy Aviator Bear ...

Addington Catholic Primary School Christmas concert

13 December 1978

Addington Catholic Primary School students rehearsing their ...

Owen Crump and Santa Bear

25 November 1988

A child, Owen Crump, getting a hug and a toy Santa Bear from ...

Shirt Tales visit to Christchurch Hospital

3 January 1986

Robert Green with Shirt Tales characters, Digger Mole and Tyg ...

Smoke Free Week at Riccarton Mall

4 July 1986

Sue Gunn, Alisa Hodder and Mark Bond at Riccarton Mall.

Ning, from the comedy duo, Ning and Nong

5 December 1983

Ning, from the comedy duo, Ning and Nong is introduced to the ...

Care Bear and clown dancing at the Starlets Christmas party

5 December 1986

A person in a Care Bear, Tenderheart, costume dancing with a ...

Starlets and clowns at Christmas party


Starlets and clowns at a Christmas party in the Christchurch ...

Ghostbuster and ghost costumes


Peter Hampton dressed as a Ghostbuster with a person dressed as ...

Starlets in a park


Two Starlets, Nicole Creque and another girl with flowers in ...

Breakfast re-enactment participants


A group dressed in period costume taking part in the breakfast ...

Man on old fashioned bicycle


Man in period costume sat on an old fashioned bicycle.

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