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Margaret Chisnall

1920s to 1930s

Framed portrait of Margaret Chisnall.

Margaret Chisnall

1920s to 1930s

Portrait of Margaret Chisnall.

Rosina Chisnall in a garden

1920s to 1950s

Portrait of Rosina Chisnall holding a book and standing in a ...

Group portrait on a beach


Group portrait of four unidentified people (two men and two ...

Nurses portrait

About 1910

Contributor’s note: “Unknown photo of nurses from my ...

Outside Racecourse Hotel


Unidentified people sitting in the trailer of an utility truck, ...

Eric White with his tennis trophy

About 1910

Portraits of Eric White with his tennis trophy.

Group portrait taken in Little River


Group portrait of twelve unidentified women and seven ...

White family portrait


Group portrait of the six unidentified members of the White ...

Having a picnic in Little River


Portraits of six unidentified children enjoying a picnic in ...

Remnants of a good party


Millie Murphy, Courtney McManus and George White enjoy a beer or ...

Melva McManus with son Terence


Melva McManus with son, Terence, perched on the side of the road ...

Enjoying the snow

About 1930

Portrait of Johnny and Sylvie Leishman enjoying the snow.

Johnny Leishman getting ready

About 1930

Johnny Leishman looking very dapper and about to get into the ...

Lyttelton Locomotive Team

About 1908

Portrait of the thirteen unidentified members of the Lyttelton ...

Railway workers portrait

About 1910

Portrait of the railway workers at Napier Railway Station. ...

Timaru Rifle Guards portrait


Portrait of four unidentified members of the Timaru Rifle Guards ...

Terence McManus in the bath

1939 to 1940

Terence McManus in a tin bath located on a front porch.

Melva White

1921 to 1922

Portrait of Melva White, aged 3-4, sitting on a rock in Little ...

Montague Rousham and Margaret Brown wedding portrait


Wedding portrait of Montague Phillip Hall Rousham, Margaret ...

Mildred Rousham and Richard Murphy


Wedding portrait of Mildred Rousham and Richard Murphy in Tai ...

Trip into town


Portrait of George and Gertrude White with their niece, Lenore, ...

Cocksfoot threshing in Banks Peninsula


Unidentified workers working a cocksfoot threshing machine along ...

Phillip Rousham tending to his plants

About 1910s

Portrait of Phillip Rousham, who is the former custodian of ...

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