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Ernest Adams production line

22 June 1973

Uncooked cakes on the production line at the Ernest Adams ...

Nursery rhyme cakes at Ernest Adams

22 June 1973

Jacqueline Baxter with nursery rhyme cakes at the Ernest Adams ...

Nick Barlow with fruit cake mixture

22 June 1973

Nick Barlow tipping fruit cake mixture into a barrow.

Jaycees conference on the Interisland ferry Rangatira

16 June 1973

Jaycee delegates on the Interisland ferry the Rangatira for a ...

Construction of university buildings

20 June 1973

Construction of lecture theatre at the University of Canterbury ...

Construction of the Sydenham Salvation Army citadel

1 June 1973

The walls of the Sydenham Salvation Army citadel on the corner ...

Canterbury Court

16 June 1973

Aerial view of Canterbury Court at Addington Show Grounds.

Parked motorcycles

8 June 1973

Motorcycles parked on the side of a street in the central city.

Traffic lights on Antigua Street and Moorhouse Avenue

25 June 1973

A Ministry of Transport officer making adjustments to traffic ...

Hororata Hotel

2 June 1973

Exterior of the Hororata Hotel in wider Canterbury.

Lyttelton prison

10 June 1973

The remains of Lyttelton prison.

Provincial Chambers loft

18 June 1973

Ken Baker and Barry Barcock in the Provincial Chambers loft.

Heathcote Methodist Church

20 June 1973

Exterior of Heathcote Methodist Church with the Port Hills ...

Aerial view of Denton Park cycle arena

7 June 1973

Denton Park cycle arena in Hornby viewed from above looking ...

Aerial view of Porritt Park

8 June 1973

Porritt Park on Avonside Drive, Wainoni, viewed from above, ...

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