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Gouldy pit stop

7 August 2019



7 August 2019

Liam and Lochlan at the library


7 August 2019

Walking up the stairs :)

Look at dis dude

7 August 2019


Da boys

7 August 2019

Geraldine high schoolers


6 August 2019



6 August 2019



6 August 2019


Red chair

6 August 2019

Red chair


6 August 2019


Weedons School adventure playground

8 April 1981

The deputy governor of the Lions 202E club (J.E. Hope) with ...

St Michael's School 130th anniversary

21 October 1981

Pupils from St Michael's School dressed in period costumes to ...

School camp at Cracroft House

28 October 1982

South New Brighton Primary School students camping in the ...

Book characters at the library

22 April 1983

Opawa School students dressed as book characters in the ...

Le Bons Bay School staff and students in a dinghy

27 September 1980

All of the students and staff of Le Bons Bay School in one ...

Rudolf Steiner school fair balloon

24 November 1979

Rudolf Steiner teacher, Thomas Proctor, with students about to ...

Beckenham School book week

12 October 1988

Students of Beckenham School at Beckenham Park for the school's ...

Concorde model at Riccarton Mall

14 April 1989

Students of Wharenui School with a papier mache model of the ...

Russley School mural

24 April 1989

Pupils of Russley School with the new mural outside their school ...

Papanui Primary School renovations

6 May 1989

Nathan MacLennan and Charlotte Major, both 10, shifting ...

Riccarton Primary School camping exercise


Students with the lunch they made themselves during a camping ...

Civil Defence training at St Martins School

18 July 1989

Students participating in a Civil Defence earthquake disaster ...

New playground at Christchurch East School

19 February 1990

Christchurch East School pupils on the new playground equipment. ...

Train to Ferrymead

14 April 1990

Ilam standard 3 and 4 pupils on a steam locomotive leaving ...

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