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Melwood equestrian show - Brooke and freya

22 June 2019

Brooke riding Freya in Melwood mini-show, Freya and Brookes ...

Horse in the Ocean View Hotel, Governors Bay

19 May 1973

View of Alex Bell sat on a horse at the bar inside the Ocean ...

Central Christchurch streets


Two sets of photographs of central Christchurch. No 1. is of ...

Gansu Flying Horse lantern

22 February 2019

Gansu Flying Horse lantern at the Chinese Lantern Festival 2019.

Addington Raceway


View of Addington Raceway from the stands across the birdcage to ...

Glenelg Health Camp outing

22 August 1987

Children from Glenelg Health Camp with a horse and cart.

Horses in the centennial procession in Christchurch

9 December 1941

A man on a horse leading a packhorse with the sign "too slow for ...

Horses and carriages

25 September 1990

Horses with carriages on Worcester Street between the bridge and ...

Land marked to become Hansen Park

26 January 1977

A horse stood on land which has been marked to become Hansen ...

Shenley Orchard ploughing paddock of young Delicious apple trees


Edward Clarke & son Halkett Clarke ploughing the paddock of ...

Relief workers at Jollies Pass


Relief workers, including Frank Renwick, during the 1930's ...

Early Cathedral Square

Circa 1890s

View looking across Cathedral Square to the south east corner. ...

Early Cathedral Square


View of the area now occupying Cathedral Square. Horses and ...

Christchurch Central, South East view

Circa 1895

Central Christchurch looking south east. St. Pauls Presbyterian ...

2nd prize at the Christchurch Show


Harry Smith sat with his horse and cart at the Christchurch Show ...

Lincoln Plowing Match, first prize


"My grandfather Percy Vernon Bailey who won first prize in a ...

Horse model in Canterbury Museum


A child sat on the model horse on the historic street within the ...

Horse drawn drainage installation


James Mayo Jnr and James Mayo Snr running new drainage along a ...

Horace and Eunice Waterman, Oxford, Canterbury


Horace Waterman (left) and Eunice Waterman travelling in a cart ...

Horse drawn dray at opening of Market Row

17 October 1966

Horse and carts with vegetables being driven by Reg Hussey and ...

Horse and cart


A man and a woman sat on a cart attached up to a horse on a ...

Bathing huts, horse drawn, New Brighton


Six horse drawn bathing huts at New Brighton beach, some with ...

Horses in paddock, Glovers Road, Halswell

31 March 2015

View across Glovers Road towards two horses in a paddock in ...

Kirkwood sign at the Stallion Reserve

15 April 2015

View of the Kirkwood sign at the Stallion Reserve off Stallion ...

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