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Performance by the Waimairi School Orchestra at the final assembly for the year

December 2010

Unidentified members of the Waimairi School Orchestra on the ...

Local J-Rock Band '2nd Grade Syndrome' at Japan Day 2014

‎14 ‎July ‎2013

Contributor's note: "Local J-Rock Band '2nd Grade Syndrome' ...

Studying at home


Khima Nanda Rijal from Nepal studying at home in ...

Visiting Christchurch Tram

September 2010

Khima Nanda Rijal from Nepal.Date:

Quake-damaged shops in Colombo Street


Quake-damaged shops in Colombo Street, Beckenham, near the ...

Silo near Lincoln


Silo near Lincoln, toppled by the earthquake.

Churchill's Tavern


Churchill's Tavern, Sydenham.


10 September 2010

While stopped in traffic in Bealey Ave, a few days after the ...

146 Cranford Street

8 September 2010

Earthquake damage on 146 Cranford Street

Mr Johnson with his green grocer shop

1 November 2010

This is Mr Johnson, standing in his green grocer shop in Colombo ...

Flora and Otto

13 October 2019

Getting comfortable on Flora and Otto.

Shifting Liquefaction CHCH Quake

11 September 2010

Helping Grandparents Clean up after Christchurch Earthquake in ...

Shops in Colombo Street

14 February 2010

In the vicinity of former "Hi-Tech Books" at 597A Colombo ...

Rapanui pre earthquake

27 March 2010

Geology students examining Shag Rock.

Lyttleton's Timeball Tower

9 January 2010

The Timeball Tower and residence at Lyttelton, prior to the ...

Corner of Hampshire and Portsmouth Streets

11 January 2010

Shops at the corner of Hampshire and Portsmouth Streets, Aranui.

Mount Pleasant

12 January 2010

Mount Pleasant suburb, viewed from 66 Mt Pleasant Road. The ...

Lyttelton Tunnel Administration Building

9 January 2010

The Lyttelton Tunnel Administration Building. This structure was ...

B-boys and B-girls

26 February 2010

B-boy crews battle it out as part of the Celebrating a Safer ...

Salisbury Street 2010

August 2010

Salisbury Street near the corner of Victoria Street, August ...

Ascot Tv after September 4 earthquake

10 September 2010

Ascot Tv after September 4 earthquake. Photo was taken from ...


July 2010

Brother & Sister at New Brighton Pier



One of the first post-earthquake graffiti, posted on a still ...

Rangiora traction engine rally


Rangiora traction engine rally with three females who are ...

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