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Aerial view of Riccarton Mall

30 November 1965

Aerial view of Riccarton Mall shortly after construction was ...

Official opening of Riccarton Mall

3 November 1965

Invited guests to the official opening of Riccarton Shopping ...

Clearing wires in Nairn Street.

3 September 1965

Children watch Mr Davis clearing wires in Nairn Street.

The White Heron Hotel

30 September 1965

Exterior view of the White Heron hotel and entranceway on ...

The White Heron Hotel

30 September 1965

Interior view of the foyer of the White Heron hotel by ...

The White Heron Hotel

30 September 1965

Interior view of a bedroom at the White Heron Hotel by ...

University of Canterbury quadrangle

25 September 1965

View through an archway of students in the University of ...

University observatory

25 September 1965

View of the observatory at the University of Canterbury on ...

Fluoridation plant, Jeffreys Road

16 September 1965

A. Hardaker, a pumping station attendant, recharging the feeder ...

Split willow tree on Park Terrace

27 April 1965

Schoolboys playing on a willow tree on Park Terrace which has ...

Leaving for YMCA girls' camp

18 December 1965

Girls preparing to leave for the YMCA girls' camp at Wainui. ...

Wainui YMCA camp

11 October 1965

Bryndwr YMCA members and family at the Wainui YMCA camp.

Tobogganing in the Port Hills snow

28 July 1965

Four children on a toboggan in the snow on the Port Hills.

Making beds at Glenelg Health Camp

31 July 1965

Kevin Franklin, Noel McIntyre and Grayson Joines making their ...

Playing at Glenelg Health Camp

31 July 1965

Children giving each other piggy back rides at Glenelg Health ...

M. O'Brien and Company, 31 Dundas Street

31 March 1965

Exterior of the M. O'Brien and Company footwear factory at 31 ...

Snow in Cathedral Square

14 July 1965

View looking across Cathedral Square covered in snow towards the ...

Ballantyne tearoom staff reunion

25 August 1965

Former Ballantyne team room staff members cutting a cake at a ...

J.M. Williams, longest account holder

2 August 1965

J.M. Williams with Pass Book No. 1 at the opening of the ...

Savings week money boxes

28 July 1965

Money boxes for savings week from various banks including Bank ...

Bank of New Zealand, Lyttelton

16 September 1965

Interior of the new Bank of New Zealand in Lyttelton.

Construction of the BNZ building

18 October 1965

Construction of the Bank of New Zealand building in South ...

Opening of the Woolston Canterbury Savings Bank

23 April 1965

Norman Kirk (left), Member of Parliament for Sydenham, giving a ...

Lottery queue on Colombo Street

1 April 1965

People queuing for the fourth Mammoth Kiwi lottery along Colombo ...

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