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Kai Means Food

August 2022

Kai Means Food. Preparing titi (Muttonbird) meals, providing the ...

Festival Italiano at Park Royal Hotel

16 April 1991

Park Royal Hotel chefs, Thierry Jacoby, Enzo Potami, and Graeme ...

Dessert trolley at Noahs Hotel

21 August 1981

Eric Verberne, head waiter at Noahs Hotel, with a trolley of ...

Hangi for work scheme guests and visitors

1 September 1979

Hangi at a youth employment scheme on the property of David and ...

Making won tons for a Chinese food fair

4 July 1986

Melinda Ding helping to make won tons for a Chinese food fair at ...

Canned Watties products

22 November 1977

A selection of various canned Watties products including soup, ...

Watties canned garden peas

28 January 1971

Close-up of a can of Watties garden peas.

Watties frozen vegetables

7 June 1988

A selection of Watties frozen vegetables and a microwave cookery ...

Linda Clarke with Pams canned foods

28 July 1987

Linda Clarke, a Foodstuffs employee, with a variety of Pams ...

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