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Restored gas lamp

16 March 1966

Secretary-manager of the Canterbury Club with a restored gas ...

Project X protest

23 July 1970

Members of Project X demonstrating against excessive military ...

Closure of Manchester Street bridge

2 April 1962

A traffic officer at the closed Manchester Street bridge over ...

Construction of the Durham Street South bridge

11 October 1976

Construction of the bridge crossing the Avon River and linking ...

View from postal centre building

21 January 1978

View of the city centre seen from the postal centre on Hereford ...

Hays Procession crowd

21 November 1970

Crowds of children waiting for the Hays Christmas parade to pass ...

Kilmore Street bridge construction

22 April 1969

Aerial view of the construction of the Kilmore Street bridge ...

Mannering and Associates

Circa 1960s

Mannering and Associates building at 207 Cambridge Terrace.

Christchurch Drainage Board

30 June 1966

The Christchurch Drainage Board building at 233 Cambridge ...

Church House

4 October 1986

Church House on the corner of Gloucester Street and Cambridge ...

View from the Drainage Board building

29 June 1966

View from the roof of 233 Cambridge Terrace, the Drainage Board ...

Central Mission Friendship House

4 October 1986

Central Mission Friendship House at 207 Cambridge Terrace.

Mair Astley building

2 June 1986

Construction of the Mair Astley building on Cambridge Terrace ...

Buildings on Cambridge Terrace

17 September 1968

Buildings on Cambridge Terrace, to the north east of Victoria ...

141 Cambridge Terrace

28 March 1987

Exterior of 141 Cambridge Terrace under construction, next to ...

View from the Price Waterhouse building

14 August 1989

Ray Price, project supervisor, on the 20th floor of the Price ...

Arthur Young House

4 October 1986

View of Arthur Young House at 227 Cambridge Terrace.

Cambridge Tce intersection with Colombo and Kilmore Streets

19 October 1945

Roundabout at the intersection of Colombo Street, Kilmore Street ...

Bridge of Remembrance lion statue

27 March 1976

View of lion statue at the Bridge of Remembrance on the corners ...

Statue of James Edward Fitzgerald

22 March 1969

Statue of James Edward Fitzgerald on Rolleston Avenue on the ...

Statue of James Edward Fitzgerald

6 January 1942

Statue of James Edward Fitzgerald on Rolleston Avenue on the ...

Banks of the Avon River, Cambridge Terrace

22 April 2018

Banks of the Avon River, Cambridge Terrace

Please repect this site

13 July 2012

"Please repect this site" notice on the fencing around the ...

Central Christchurch streets


Two sets of photographs of central Christchurch. No 1. is of ...

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